Birthday Special: The One Question That Always Bothers Sonakshi Sinha

I used to see the little Sonakshi playing around in her father's huge house called Ramayana and little could I imagine that she would one day came for the stars - Ali Peter John

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Birthday Special The One Question That Always Bothers Sonakshi Sinha
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Sonakshi Sinha Birthday Special: I used to see the little Sonakshi playing around in her father's huge house called Ramayana and little could I imagine that she would one day come for the stars.



She went to the best local schools and was known as one of the better students because of her being brilliant in plays and singing in school competitions. I lost touch with her when she grew up and went to some other well-known schools and finally went to college and her parents were very proud of her, but they didn't want her to be an actress and no one knows the reason why till now. Years passed and her mother Poonam invited me to meet her daughter Sonu who had a similar pet name as her father, Sonu. She was making her debut as an actress with Salman Khan in Dabang. Shatru and Poonam were busy giving a new look to their bungalow Ramayan and were living in a three-bedroom apartment somewhere in the Santa Cruz area where I met the upcoming star Sonakshi Sinha for the first time.

She was very nervous, but her mother kept encouraging her and sometimes even answering questions for her and she seemed to be very comfortable as long as her mother was with her and it was quite a feat for me to make her feel comfortable when talking to me. After all, she was a full half a century younger than me, but somehow I passed one more examination when the interview was done and I was free to fly and breathe the air at midnight which I had missed for quite a long time.


It was a strange coincidence, but Ramayana was ready to be occupied by the Sinha family and Sonakshi was ready to face and live in the industry to which her father had given his life and had created a reputation for himself even though he was a Shatru, a man to be hated. Dabang as everyone knew was a hit because of the Dabang hero Salman Khan and his dashing looks and his bravado acts, but afterall Sonakshi was his lady love in the film and she had to receive her share of the critic and she received it. She was tipped to be the next superstar, but destiny was not very kind to her and she had to wait for her time in the sun and it took quite a long time. She did quite a number of films, but the only film in which she had a chance of scoring over her rivals was "Akira", but the film failed to work at the box office and her wait for success continued. And at one stage it looked like her parents would have to look for a good boy to get her married to. But it was her friendship with her dabang hero Salman that kept her in the limelight. He teamed in the sequel of Dabang which was also a superhit and then only recently he included her in the Dabang team for entertainment which did several shows in the gulf together with Disha patani and Pooja Hegde the number one star from the south.


She is now doing a film with Huma Qureshi called "Double XL" in which she co-stars with Huma Qureshi and now when experts are seeing the end of her career, she has turned a writer and has written a script with Ritesh Deshmukh and Saqueeb Salim and the film could have been released two years ago if the pandemic had not played havoc with Sonakshi's dream. And as I write this piece as effort to give her falling career a boost, news comes that she has been sent a non bailable arrest warrant because of a case of fraud for 37 lakhs of rupees because of her signing an agreement to do a show somewhere in delhi and backing out at the last minute. It is not news coming from social media, but from very reliable sources and it has to seen how Sonakshi with her father's clout in political and her powerful circles gets her out of this chakravyuh. And as Sonakshi grows older and better, she also bears a striking resemblance to her father's heroine of his first two films, Kalicharan and Vishwanath and Shatru's friends and Shatru's have not stopped asking how Sonakshi bears such a striking resemblance to Reena Rai. I don't think anyone has the indecency or the courage to ask the right parties the wrong questions, but if I someday meet the God of creation face to face( of which there is very little chance of coming true) one of the my questions to him will be about the question thousands of people are living and willing to die to ask him.

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