Dr. Hasrat Jaipuri Birth Anniversary: "Sachche Shaayars Ki Hasrate Kabhi Marti Nahi By Ali Peter John

Dr Hasrat Jaipuri, the renowned poet and lyricist, was remembered on his birth anniversary.

He started his career as a bus conductor but later gained fame for his romantic poetry and songwriting

Prithviraj Kapoor discovered him and introduced him to his son, Raj Kapoor, who then formed a successful team with Jaipuri for the music of his films

There is ongoing debate about which songs were written by Jaipuri and which were written by Shailendra for Raj Kapoor's movies

The author had the opportunity to meet Jaipuri and found him to be old and frail, but still helpful and knowledgeable

Jaipuri faced difficult times after the death of his musical partner Jaikishan and the failure of Raj Kapoor's film "Mera Naam Joker"

Some believe that Jaipuri's nephew, who found success in the 90s, did not support him during his low phase

Jaipuri passed away with unfulfilled desires, and it is hoped that his wife's investments and property named "Hasrat" bring some financial stability

The article ends with a reflection on the journey of life and the importance of experiencing it to truly understand it