Happy Birthday Mrs. Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani

When the man of the house is intelligent, loving, and focuses on the well-being of his family and the well-being of society, then Goddess Lakshmi herself may reside in such a house.

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Happy Birthday Mrs. Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani

When the man of the house is intelligent, loving, and focuses on the well-being of his family and the well-being of society, then Goddess Lakshmi herself may reside in such a house.  Lakshmi may be present in the form of a wife, mother, sister, or daughter. We are talking about Dr. Yogesh Lakhani, CMD, founder of Bright Outdoor Media Limited, a promotion company that has created a unique and different identity for itself in the world, in whose residence Lakshmi resides in the form of his wife, Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani.

She is gentle, beautiful and intelligent. Jagruti ji is not only the loving wife of Yogesh Lakhani, but she is also a very good mother and daughter-in-law with compassion, love, kindness, and dedication. The sixteenth of January is the birthday of Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani, and the Lakhani family is celebrating her birthday with pomp and show and is also uniquely celebrating this auspicious day. Let us know in detail about the Lakshmi of the Lakhani family, Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani.

While wishing Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani, Director, Bright Outdoor Media Limited, on her special birthday which falls on 16th January, the Mayapuri family wishes her a joyous day full of happiness and good wishes.

Mrs. Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani
Mrs. Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani

Jagruti's Journey: From Surat to Managing Home with Grace

Born in the city of Surat in Gujarat, Jagruti witnessed the struggle of poverty and deprivation closely since her childhood. Since then, she has been patient, serious and hardworking. Despite facing difficulties, she never gave up on life. She was married to Dr. Yogesh Lakhani in 1987 in an arranged marriage. After marriage, she dedicated herself to her responsibilities as a housewife and managed her family and household efficiently.

Doctor Yogesh ji said that his family is a very close-knit and joint family. He, His wife, and their only son Anugrah Yogesh Lakhani have been living with their parents.

With time, when Yogesh ji's parents started facing old age ailments, he and his wife Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani served them with all their heart, mind, and money. Jagruti proved to be a very good daughter-in-law and took great care of her in-laws.  Jagruti and Yogesh ji cleaned their parents with their own hands during their last days.

“In a home where the wife is respected and loved, prosperity and blessings will surely flow freely in the atmosphere. Dr. Yogesh Lakhani, owner of Bright Outdoor Media Limited, is a testament to this philosophy. His devoted wife, Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani, has not only earned respect in her home, family, and society, but she has also had the opportunity to enhance her personality through her husband's side, which has led to significant progress in her life. Yogesh ji said, "My devoted wife, Jagruti, is Lakshmi Swarupa for me. When I had an arranged marriage with her, we were very poor. We lived in a small room, I used to work 16 hours  365 days. It happened so many times that I did not even sleep at night for 200 days a year and did not have time to eat. In such a situation, Jagruti supported me every step of the way, she is like a pillar for me. Whenever I faced any sorrow or problem, my wife Jagruti gave me strength. She stood with me every moment in sorrow and happiness. She never complained. She ran the house smoothly with whatever small amount I gave her and took great care of all of us. Gradually, my hard work started bearing fruit and my financial condition bettered. We moved from the small rented room to our new own residence of thousands of square feet. But her awareness did not change at all. Even today, she is as hardworking and caring towards the entire family as she was before. Earlier she used to concentrate all her time on taking complete care of my parents our child and me, now that my parents are no longer, Jagruti remains busy the whole day in taking care of me and our son Anugrah. Every day at the right time, she sends me home-cooked food at my office and does not allow me to eat outside food even for a single day. She also packs home-cooked food and breakfast for our son at his school every day. She calls four times a day and always enquires whether I ate my food at the right time or not, whether I took medicine or not, where am I, and whether I have taken some rest. "She is a wonderful wife and a wonderful mother."

When I asked Dr. Yogesh ji about Jagruti ji's hobbies and what she likes to do, he said, "Taking care of our home and hearth, taking care of me (laughs), taking care of our son, preparing tasty and different types of cuisines. She is very slim and eats less but wants everyone to eat heartily. She loves worshiping God. This is all she is fond of. She is very spiritual. ,

When asked whether  Jagruti ji is fond of traveling, watching films, or singing, Yogesh ji said, "Jagruti is not fond of traveling, watching films, or singing at all. Apart from managing the house, her mind is focused on religious works. But still, I take her and my son on a trip twice a year. One trip is to a picturesque tourist spot within the country and one trip is taken abroad once a year."

"Does she help in your business?" On this question, Yogesh ji said, "When our house and office used to be at one place, the house was upstairs and  office downstairs, then sometimes she used to come and sit in the office, now since the office is in Andheri and the house is in Borivali, she does not come often ."

When Yogesh Lakhani ji's father passed away, Jagruti ji had to step into the role of director in the family company Bright Outdoor Media Limited.
The transformation from a dedicated housewife to a Director at Bright Outdoor Media Limited showcased Jagruti's flexibility and ability to handle responsibilities with dedication. Although she is still holding the post of Director of Bright Outdoor Media Limited Company, due to the increased responsibility of raising her school-going son, she is no longer able to devote her time to business, and to be honest, she is not interested in money, name, or fame.

Readers would be aware that Bright Outdoor Media Limited, known for its prominence in all types of outdoor promotions, and associated with top brands, celebrities, and companies across India, is a trusted name.

Dr. Yogesh Lakhani, Chairman and Managing Director, Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Ltd., has not only excelled in business but has also made his mark as a filmmaker and actor. The company, under his leadership, has been leading the way in brand promotion through hoardings, with over one lakh Hindi films promotion, and being involved in the promotion of various albums, events, shows, and award nights.

His devoted wife Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani is a pillar of Yogesh Ji's life and business journey. Jagruti ji is truly an example of women's empowerment and works as an inspiration for many people. As a wife, mother, and director, she juggles her duties with ease, showing a remarkable balance in her roles.

Discussing charity and generosity, Yogesh Lakhani emphasizes the importance of giving back to society. Be it celebrating Jagruti's birthday, his son Anugrah's birthday, or his birthday, Yogesh Lakhani generously donates to the poor, abandoned, and orphan children, old men and women. His commitment to charity includes providing support to orphanages, old age homes, hospitals, and poor tribal villages in Bhiwandi and many other areas. Jagruti Ji always supports her husband in charity.

When asked about the inspiration behind his charitable efforts, Yogesh Lakhani ji, humbly attributes it to a sense of duty and gratitude and his family upbringing. He said, his parents installed this sanskar of generosity. He expresses that all the resources he has are given to him by the grace of God, because of his hardship and the charitable work he is doing is a way of giving back a little part of those blessings.

In a world where not everyone donates freely, Dr. Yogesh Lakhani and Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani are openly engaged in social service and also encourage others to adopt the intention of serving society. He emphasizes the importance of remembering one's humble beginnings and urges everyone to contribute to the welfare of others.

Despite his philanthropic efforts, Yogesh Lakhani also cherishes his family and personal moments. Yogesh Lakhani also revealed the possibility of having a beautiful, romantic candlelight dinner with Jagruti on special occasions, like Jagruti's birthday, showcasing the balance they have struck between their public and private life.

Jagruti and Yogesh Lakhani's life journey is a remarkable story of love, dedication, overcoming challenges, achieving success, and giving back to society. Their story serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who wish to make a positive impact on the world. Happy Birthday Mrs. Jagruti Yogesh Lakhani.


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