Happy Birthday Prabhu Deva: The King of Dance

Prabhu Deva, the "Michael Jackson of Indian cinema," celebrates his birthday today

His career spans over three decades and he has had a significant influence on dance, acting, and directing

Prabhu Deva began his training at a young age, mastering both classical Indian forms and Western dance styles

He transitioned from assisting his father to becoming an actor, captivating audiences with his charisma and electrifying dance moves

As a choreographer, Prabhu Deva has redefined dance in Indian cinema, creating cultural phenomena with his choreography in songs like "Go Go Govinda" and "Muqabla"

He has also directed and choreographed films in various Indian languages, leaving his mark on Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada cinema

Prabhu Deva has excelled as an actor, director, and producer, captivating audiences with his dance skills and screen presence

He has inspired a generation of dancers and filmmakers, and was honored with the prestigious Padma Shri award in 2019

Prabhu Deva's dedication to his craft and innovative dance styles continue to enthrall audiences, and we celebrate his remarkable career on his birthday