Madhuri Dixit: Those small and innocent people who promoted her and then...

Madhuri Dixit's journey to stardom started with the support of her family and a writer who saw her potential

A glamour photographer introduced Madhuri to Subhash Ghai, who decided to groom her and make her a star

Rakesh Nath, a powerful man in the industry, became Madhuri's business manager and played a crucial role in her success

Madhuri surprised everyone by marrying Dr Shrikant Nene and taking a break from films to focus on her family.

She made a comeback with the film "Aaja Nachle," but faced disappointments with subsequent films like "Dedh Ishqiya" and "Kalank"

Madhuri and her husband decided to part ways with Rakesh Nath, leaving him feeling cheated and humiliated

Despite setbacks, Madhuri remains a talented actress and dancer, capable of playing iconic roles

However, she needs the right writers, directors, and a visionary to create meaningful roles for her

Madhuri's image and career depend on finding that one person who can change her destiny and convince filmmakers of her potential