Remembering Nargis Dut: My Sole Encounter with the Icon

Nargis Dutt, a legendary Bollywood actress, had a profound impact on the author during their one and only meeting

The author reflects on Nargis Dutt's humility and her involvement in various charitable organizations

Nargis Dutt's love and pride for her son, Sanjay Dutt, were evident during his film launch, despite his struggles with addiction

The author was invited to Nargis Dutt's home, where she spoke passionately about her son's addiction and requested the author's support

Nargis Dutt's tenure in the Rajya Sabha was met with controversy when she criticized filmmaker Satyajit Ray's portrayal of poverty in India

Nargis Dutt battled cancer while her son's addiction worsened, and she passed away before the release of his film "Rocky"

Sanjay Dutt's addiction continued to spiral out of control after his mother's death

Sanjay Dutt eventually overcame his addiction with the help of his mother's recorded messages and notes

Nargis Dutt's love and guidance continue to inspire Sanjay Dutt as he reflects on his journey