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Blue Lies Is A Short Film That Leads To A Murder Mystery


Jyothi Venkatesh

La Pelicula Motion Pictures with their venture, a 14- minute long murder mystery titled ‘Blue Lies’, wants to give the audience an ideal taste of mystery through their unique storytelling.  When asked Ranadeep Sarker, Director of the short film about the the increasing change from films to short film, he said “The culture of cinema is fast-changing making way for the evolution of short films. The increasing accessibility of internet on smartphones is, many believe, one of the significant factors behind such a paradigm shift. They are a top favourite amongst new-age storytellers who are keen to engage their audience in a novel way” The story is about a young guy who comes from a rural area to a metropolitan city after getting job as a “Meter-Reader” on contractual basis. On the first day of his job, he enters into a house for meter checking where he finds an old man sitting on his wheelchair. After the old man’s several requests, the guy decides to gossip with him to pass his few minutes of loneliness. Soon during their conversation the guy realizes that he has unfortunately landed on a murder spot. Produced under the banner of La Pelicula Motion Pictures by Ayanjit Sen, with concept & direction by Ranadeep Sarker, the film stars Yashpal Sharma, Subrat Dutta and Ayanjit Aen.

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