Bollywood's biggest Diwali party is being held at Shahrukh Khan's bungalow 'Mannat', but a year ago there was a different Diwali atmosphere!!

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Shahrukh Khan's bungalow 'Mannat

'Mannat' has been decorated for the last several months. It seems as if the decoration of the bungalow is not being taken down. Shahrukh Khan's birthday was on 2nd November, hence the balconies, roof lighting of the entire bungalow, etc have been kept the same. Gauri Khan, the owner of this house, organizes grand Diwali celebrations. The celebration that started on King Khan's birthday is not stopping. This year's Diwali has fulfilled all the wishes of 'Mannat'. The whole year has been successful. 'Pathan', Eid, 'Jawaan', birthday and launch of daughter-son (Suhana, Aryan) films, 'Dunki' trailer release on Shahrukh's birthday. Overall, Bollywood's biggest Diwali celebration this year is at Shahrukh Khan's bungalow 'Mannat'. Since last fortnight, as soon as the night starts, a crowd of Shahrukh's fans starts gathering outside the bungalow. The atmosphere becomes like that of a complete fair.

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But, a year ago last Diwali, there was nothing like this here. It seemed that in this house it was not Diwali but bankruptcy. Shahrukh Khan considers the Diwali festival very lucky for himself. Many of his films which have been released on the occasion of Diwali have been successful. 'Dil To Pagal Hai', 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan', Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge', 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', 'Happy New Year', etc are such successful films on which Goddess Lakshmi has showered her blessings on the occasion of Diwali. If Eid is lucky for Salman Khan while Diwali has always been considered lucky for Shahrukh Khan. None of Shahrukh's films were released in the last three years. 'Pathan' was to be released on Diwali last year, but the preparations had to be canceled. SRK was being presented as a villain on social media.


The film 'Pathan', which was to be released on Diwali, was extended to March 18, 2022, and even then it could not be released. After all, the film could not be released last year and was released on 25 January 2023, in the New Year. Before that, everyone was scared of the attack of COVID-19, among those Shahrukh Khan was also one of those, who did not want to take any new steps. When the film starts late and shooting will not be possible, then what kind of Diwali and what kind of Eid will it be for its release? Badshah Khan's theater reign had ended before Diwali as none of his films could be prepared for the last Diwali.


The interesting thing is that this Diwali was approaching with great sadness for Shahrukh. The planets of Shahrukh's son Aryan were so bad that with the news of him being a 'drug accused', four advertisements of Shahrukh - which had him on screen in front of the audience, were removed. Among these was the famous advertisement of Byjus and one of D'Decore with his wife Gauri. Shahrukh is said to have made a deal worth Rs 4 crore for each of his dozen ad films. That is, the fortnight before Diwali, which used to keep King Khan in the headlines, had come as the dark shadow of Amavasya on the last Diwali. He was even accused of paying a bribe of Rs 25 crore to free his son.


Still... Mother Lakshmi fulfilled the wish of Shahrukh Khan's wife Gauri Khan on Diwali. Diwali of 'Mannat' was saved from being deserted. The biggest film of Shahrukh's life was released on this lackluster Diwali - in the form of Aryan's release from jail. Aryan got bail after staying behind the jail walls for 28 days, it seemed that Shahrukh's biggest film had been released. The happiness he got would hardly have been found on the release of any film. Not only this, no matter how bad the month of Diwali may have been for them... the day of Diwali brought a little relief to their faces. Gauri and Shahrukh with sons Aryan and Abram, and daughter Suhana felt peace of relief in their home. Did it. Times started improving… their stopped sciences started being shown again. As the years passed, the beauty of the same house returned. The film in which a reward was announced for killing heroine Deepika Padukone in protest against a song, the same film 'Pathan' starts earning records after its release on January 25, 2023. After this, the series of successes continues like this. The decorations are not even taken down. This year's Diwali, Bollywood's biggest Diwali, is at Shahrukh's house. Time is really very powerful! Where there is Diwali today, there was bankruptcy yesterday.

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- Sharad Rai

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