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Boman Irani’s Delightful Comeback With ‘P Mark Mustard Oil’


Jyothi Venkatesh

Boman Irani is undoubtedly one of India’s greatest character actors, having essayed memorable roles like Professor Virus (3 Idiots), Dr Asthana (Munna Bhai MBBS) and Vardaan (Don 2). His many amazing avatars also include ad films for various brands. In particular, one of Boman Irani’s long-term brand endorsements is P Mark Mustard Oil – a brand that Boman has been associated with for more than half a decade.In past ads for this brand, Boman Irani has played a department store shopper and a quirky tabla maestro. Last month, Boman was back on the shooting floor to shoot a new set of ads for the same brand – the only difference being that this time around it wasn’t a single character; Boman was playing three different characters: a boxing coach, a chef and a translator. “I get excited by the prospect of being a brand ambassador for ‘P Mark Mustard Oil’. I am a foodie and I also believe in the connection between fitness and healthy eating,” says Boman Irani.

The storyline across all three ads is fairly standard. In each ad, a person who is expected to have a specialized skill turns out to be hilariously incompetent leading Boman to eventually point out that the work of a specialist can be done only by a specialist – a proposition that leads seamlessly into the brand’s positioning of being “The Mustard Specialist since 1933.”  Vivek Puri, the Managing Director of Puri Oil Mills Limited (the manufacturers of P Mark Mustard Oil) points out: “In 2014, we launched our positioning platform of ‘The Mustard Specialist’. In 2016, we reinforced the platform with the Tabla Ustaad ad, which connected the brand’s recall very strongly with the core Mustard Specialist proposition. In the new campaign, we decided to take this proposition to the next level. The new series of ads are highly entertaining and they leverage Boman Irani’s versatility and his sense of perfect comic timing to create hilarious situations that will go a long way in enhancing brand recall.”

The new television campaign has another interesting highlight. It is conceived and produced by Boman Irani’s newly launched production company: Irani Movietone. This is, in fact, Irani Movietone’s very first project.This was an ambitious ad film production for P Mark Mustard Oil, involving three elaborate sets: an elegant conference room, a spacious modular kitchen and a massive boxing ring created using true-to-life dimensions. These were the creations of master Production Designer, Fali Unwalla. The DOP for the films was Mitesh Mirchandani, an award-winning cinematographer known for his work in films like Neerja and Uri: The Surgical Strike. The association will enable the 85-year-old brand to connect with its traditional audience in the hinterland as well as with younger, lifestyle oriented and health conscious urban consumers. The new three-ad campaign was launched earlier this month.

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