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Boman Irani’s rendition of Over The Rainbow will fill you with hope


Music is the anchor that holds all of us together irrespective of our superficial differences. Amid the uncertainties we’re dealing with, actor Boman Irani puts on display one of his lesser-known talents to infuse listeners with hope.

3 Idiots

The 3 Idiots actor sang Over The Rainbow, originally sung by Judy Garland from the film, The Wizard Of Oz. Irani was joined by a choir of talented girls named Shriya Rao, Aneesha Karwanyun, Naima Ramakrishnan, Aaliya Ramakrishnan, Nisha Ramakrishnan, Anika Mashruwala, Shloka Subramanium, Kimaya Mehta and Vaidehi Srinivasan from Bombay International School.

Boman’s rendition of the classic song was created remotely. He and the girls recorded the vocals from home, the arrangement of the song was executed by Danesh Khambata and his brother, Nariman Khambata took care of the mixing arrangements.

Here’s what makes the song super special apart from the actor’s rich booming voice and the mellifluous harmonies rendered by the young girls. Boman, who actively works with The Akansha Foundation, reached out to its children and urged them to interpret the song in the form of artwork.

Boman Irani

He received imaginative paintings, which featured in the video of the song! This interesting collaboration kicked off when the Munna Bhai MBBS actor chanced upon a video of these girls singing on social media.

He immediately got in touch with Danesh Khambata at Silly Point Productions, who creates musical content for the girls’ choir.

Boman says, “When I heard these girls, I was bowled over by their talent and I wanted to sing with them. I connected with Danesh to collaborate with this choir and he obliged me. By then the budding artists at The Akansha Foundation sent me pictures of their paintings that depicted the beautiful song.

It is a classic song that has filled many with hope. I’m glad that all of this art came together so well. Kudos to the kids.”

On the work front, the actor looks forward to the release of ’83 and Jayeshbhai Jordaar.

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