Breaking Boundaries: Arjun Kanungo Releases 'Danger,' the First Indian Music Video Shot in Japan, from 'Industry 2' Album

By Bollyy
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Arjun Kanungo - DANGER (1)

Singer-songwriter Arjun Kanungo has always been at the forefront of musical experimentation. From Baaki Bateein Peene Baad to Illzam, and Fursat to Aaya na tu his tracks have consistently made a lasting impact. Following the success of his debut album, Industry, which garnered rave reviews and over 100 million of streams, Kanungo is now back with his much-awaited second album, Industry 2. This album showcases his prowess as a writer, singer, and producer.

Today, the singer unveiled the first single from the album, titled "Danger," a banger dance number. The music video showcases Arjun grooving to the infectious beats on the vibrant streets of Tokyo, making it to be one of the first Indian music albums to be shot in Japan. The visual style and feel of the music video are truly unique and unprecedented in the Indian music scene.

Arjun Kanungo - DANGER (2)Shot in an intriguing new-age street style, the music video breaks boundaries and brings a fresh perspective to Indian music visuals. The song exudes an underground funk pop vibe, a difficult genre to explore in India’s musical context, combined with thought-provoking lyrics. Reflecting on the song, Arjun shared, "Danger is one of the first songs we shot for the album. It has a distinct urban pop vibe that I think resonates with everyone. The lyrics and overall feel of the song are classic but still progressive, representing the evolution of music in India."

Industry 2, Arjun Kanungo 's upcoming album, is set to release soon. The album which comprises 10 tracks, all written, sung, and produced by Arjun himself will be out soon!

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