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Buckle Up! Choti Sardarni’s Jagga Aka Amal Sehrawat Has A Lot Of Action Coming His Way!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Here’s some great news for actor Amal Sehrawat’s fans! The actor, who is part of the show Choti Sardarni, says that his character Jagga has a lot of interesting tracks coming up. “Jagga is extremely hurt and shattered that Amrita has left his house with their son Yuvi as she’s upset with the kind of upbringing Yuvi is getting in the house. He’s getting influenced by the bad habits and deeds of his dadi, Kulvant Kaur ( Anita Raaj ) and chachas, Rana and Bittu. So, she finally decides to leave,” he says, adding, “So, my character has a lot of interesting tracks lined up. I am sure the audience will love it.”Amal says that it’s a blessing to be part of the show. “I am very thankful to God for this show. The team is brilliant. The creatives and direction of the show are brilliant. All the artists are doing their best and the audience is showering their love in return,” he says.

He adds, “For the first time, I am playing an entirely positive role of an obedient son, caring brother, loving husband and an endearing father. The fun of being an actor is that I get to live and experience so many different lives and characters.”Meanwhile, the actor also celebrated Gurpurab recently. “It’s a day that reminds is to follow the footsteps of Waheguru ji, offer selfless love and service to others.

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