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I must express my heartfelt gratitude (a sentiment that comes straight from the heart that does not dare to lie) to the Government of India and all the men and women who took the decision to confer the Padma Shri on Smt. Helen Khan, Who is one of the most outstanding women. India, this is a tribute to a woman who has achieved everything on her own, a woman who has been a dancer without comparison and a woman who has a heart of gold, or something more precious.

Helen is a part of Hindi film history, a name that can never be forgotten by those who saw her work and a lesson to be learned for those who wish to learn from life, a woman who gave Life has given him more than life...

About fifty years ago a young girl, half Spanish and half Burmese, left Burma, where she was born, a country that was fighting all the time with the fire of hatred and she ran away and without any ambition, without any Destination or goal came to India. Little did young Helen know that she had walked into a street where her future, call it destiny or whatever you wanted to be shaped, the country where she would win fame, fortune and become a legend, a star in her own right. A star that would shine among any star or among many stars, Helen had reached a place where every person's "destiny" (destiny) is called "the creator" Guided by (God), Helen took her first steady steps. As one of the many other girls dancing around the group dancer, the star dancer, a dancer who used to be the dancing glory of Koyal Kukku every movie, was at that time the only dancing star who was the highest paid and Who it should have been said died here, penniless and without care, in a municipal hospital, with no one even to claim his body which was once the center of attraction for millions....

This new Helen with those unusual but seductive and alluring eyes and face and an hourglass figure that moved like magic attracted the attention of everyone but one particular producer, P.N. Arora saw his plight, took him under her wing and helped him dance his way to unexpected success on his own and when he found the "Howrah Bridge" Danced and sang "My name is Chin Chin Chin" Sang and people started loving Helen more and more as she hit the dancing floor with a bang.

Soon every major film was to have a dance with Helen as the dancer and no one else, no other stars, the most popular stars, there could be any number of them, but there had to be a Helen and a Helen dance number, the film. Producers had to find ways to get Helen to dance in their films because every distributor said, "It's all fine, but where's Helen in it, if there's no Helen there's no life in the film" And the audience also agreed with him.

Helen was soon the most precious and priceless 'perfume' of a film, her dances were more graceful and pulsating than anyone else's, most of them her own creations as per the demands of the script and scene. She knew that "they" What they wanted and gave it to them in double measure.

Helen wore the most racy, short and skimpy and revealing clothes and was sometimes covered only with feathers and made all kinds of charming and seductive gestures that lifted men's spirits, caused their hearts to break. point and his blood pressure would rise to dangerous levels. , to make them tremble and tremble and feel all kinds of sensations in their bodies, but Helen was never vulgar, never cheap, never did things that crossed the bounds of decency, she created the most sensual and Even erotic dances were given dignity and no one and no censor could have any objection to her dancing.

Her popularity as a dancer skyrocketed and gave new ideas to her mentor, Mr. Arora, who decided to turn her into a leading lady of films, but found her in a tough competition with heroes like Chandrashekhar ("Cha Cha Cha") and Dara. Got roles together. Singh ("Aaya Toofan" and other films), he is only known for his "foreign" The look and his English accent and the way he described himself and his whole image as a "sexy dancer" As I progressed, I couldn't really make it big.

Helen, known as "Helen G" Now tried playing supporting characters and vampires and was a success, she appeared in "Roope" and "color" She was adopted by men and women alike because she was not the kind of dancer who could live up to the country's "culture" and "tradition" To spoil it, he was not a threat to the roots of our culture.

The seventies saw a sudden decline in her successful journey, with the only time she sang the sensational song "Mungada Mungada" sung for Amjad Khan. and "Sholay" For Amjad Khan again in "Mehbooba Mehbooba" Sung. It is still considered one of the biggest hits and the dance with Helen is still fresh in the minds of those who saw it.

What happened next seemed almost similar to what happened to Cuckoo, he realized how his "godfather" It was Shaitan's father who squandered all his earnings and kept it as his personal property and even his huge flat on Peddar Road, attached by the Court Receiver, was lost.

The same Helen of thousands of hearts now found it difficult to eat two meals a day and it was heart breaking to see her walking from office to office and telling the film makers that she was Helen, only Helen and wanted work but no one was listening.

When love came as a savior everything ended. Salim Khan who was a struggling actor when he appeared in "Teesri Manzil" He was a star in the U.S. and was always in love with her even though he was now the most successful writer, protected her, accepted her and married her with the consent of his first wife, Salma and their grown children, Salman, Sohail, Arbaaz and Alvira. She is now Mrs. Helen Salim Khan and is the "mummy" of Salim Khan and Salma's children. There are also.
She continued walking and said "Akayla" and "Khamoshi - The Musical" In which she also showed how well she could still dance.

Helen is now eighty years old (unbelievable) and is at peace with herself and the family she has dedicated her life to.

Helen is a woman who proved what women power is and what women really are, honored with all kinds of honors and awards but Padmashree when even small time singers don't know what music is. Winning all these things is the best thing for Helen and the best way to add meaning to Padmashree.
Salaam Begum Helen Salim Khan. Salute to your story. Salute to your work. Salute to your success. And salute to your kindness. Salaam, Salaam, Salaam.

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