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Can not believe whom I see in picture is me, time flies like wind


Am still ali(ve) ? (Ali Peter John)

Am I amazed?
No, I am amused
Am I surprised?
No, I am sweetly shocked
How can that man in the picture be me?
How can that man smile inspite of all the storms he has faced all his life?
How can he be alive after dying so many deaths in his? One so turbulent life?
How can he smile after he has been betrayed, battered and shattered by a world which has never cared to try and understand him?
How can that man smile when he has been given up for lost, missing and dead so many times?

ali peter john sharing his bond with her maaHow can that man smile when his own people have attacked him for what he believes in?
How can the man smile when people have used him, abused him and even misused him for their own selfish ends?
And how can he still smile when the world today has snatched away all his reasons to smile?
Ask him all these questions and he smiles another mysterious smile which has so many meanings which only he can understand, know and explain when he feels the need to.

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