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With the sarcastic sense of humour of a 15-year-old teen, wisdom of an 80-something grandpa, and a combined bank balance of everyone in that age bracket, Shah Rukh Khan has been ruling the box office and our hearts for years. But if you think that “King of Bollywood” is the only title that defines him, think again. The Global Superstar, with his unmistakable wit, charming personality and sense of humour, is as intriguing on social media as he is in front of the camera. Shah Rukh Khan recently did an #AskSrk session on twitter and we can’t help ourselves to publish some of the best tweets by the king himself.. Have a look :

1) His Favourite Song these days! 

2) Next Project after ‘Zero’

3) His Review on Padmaavat! 

4) His views on his biographical book

5) Zero was the most challenging role? 

6) How’s his knee and AbRam? And here’s the smart answer on your way 😉

7) If he had a bag full of money and the amount of money in bag’s equal to his phone number, then how much money would he have in the bag?  Wittiest answer 😉 

8) Happy with the KKR squad?

9) Does he follow the U-19 cricket world cup? 

10) One line for Gautam Gambhir?

Well, all said and done, you cannot match his on or off screen presence.


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