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Captaincy Task To Change The Game Inside The Bigg Boss House


In the recent past, the Bigg Boss contestants have showcased evil ploys to get the captaincy task aborted or to go ahead in the game. And this week’s captaincy task is no different. The day starts with a fight over daily chores. Rashami who is a custodian of kitchen duties this week is asked by other contestants to let them take on the responsibility of cooking food. This irks Rashami as she doesn’t want to be portrayed in a bad light for not being able to do her duties. As a result, Rashami and Paras lock horns and get into a heated fight. He blames Rashami for not cooking smaller things and wishes to do only the bigger tasks. Rashami defends herself and says that Paras is always trying to accuse her and is full of negativity.

Sidharth is upset with Shehnaaz for befriending Asim and the team and is being vocal about it. Shehnaaz accuses Sidharth of changing sides and says that he supports only Mahira and Shefali.

Up next, Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task. He reveals that the house has been attacked by a huge spider and every time the spider moves, eggs will get collected. Baskets with names of every contestant are placed in the garden area and each contestant must collect eggs at regular intervals and put it in the assigned baskets. The one with the least amount of eggs in the first round gets eliminated from the task and becomes the ‘Sanchalak’. As a punishment for getting aggressive during their fight, Sidharth and Asim are not allowed to participate, which evidently divides the house into two teams.

Upset with Shehnaaz for changing sides during the game, Sidharth sarcastically applauds her for her attitude at the beginning of the task. But Shehnaaz does not take it and gives it back to him. At the same time, Mahira is upset with Shehnaaz for not staying true to her friendship. The captaincy tasks begin, and Vishal becomes the ‘Sanchalak’. Reading through the letter, again Vishal accuses the other team of cheating and declares Shehnaaz as the winner of the first round. The contestants don’t accept Vishal’s decision and start protesting.

Bigg Boss calls the contestants in the living area and reprimands Vishal for being the most confused ‘Sanchalak’ ever. As a result of his attitude, the entire house has to bear the brunt. Additionally, he declares that it is the last chance for the contestants to win the immunity and there won’t be any more tasks going forward.

Will the house get its new captain this week?

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