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Casting Manager Rupesh Sonar Says Vidya Sinha Was Very Approachable And Used To Attend Every Audition   


Jyothi Venkatesh

The country was in for quite a shock on August 15th, when news of actor Vidya Sinha passing away hit headlines. Casting manager, artist manager and entrepreneur Rupesh Sonar, who had cast Vidya in many shows, says that he enjoyed working with her. “I cast her for Qubool Hai and Kulfi Kumar Bajewaala. At that time, there was a trend to get film actors on TV. They required a dadi in Qubool Hai and I met Vidya Sinha. I recommended her for the role and she auditioned and got finalized in Qubool Hai as the dadi. It was lovely working with her,” he says. Rupesh was out of Mumbai when he heard of her sad demise. “I was shocked when I got to know about it because I was at my sister’s place for Rakhi, away from Mumbai. I got a message from her family around 1 pm that this has happened. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even go for the funeral as I was out of the city. I regret not meeting her for the last time. Vidya ji was a very down to earth person, whenever I used to tell her about auditions, she used to come. It was very easy to approach her.”

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