Celebrate eco-friendly Diwali the celebrity-way, this year!

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From bingeing on good food to decorating their homes, these celebrities tell us eco-friendly ways of celebrating Diwali

Mehul Vyas

Mehul Vyas:

Like all the years, I will spend diwali with my family. We will spend this Diwali with gifts, celebrations, good food and create everlasting memories.We need to have a fine balance. Also I feel that we all should be responsible while celebrating. Diwali Shopping is about new clothes, sweets, dry fruits and gifts for friends and family.I don't really have a sweet tooth. But I do like eating ras gulla during the festive seasonI will be wearing traditional fusion with modern for diwali. I have planned my outfits for the day. The outfits are unique and exquisite. Festivals are a great time to bond and create everlasting memories. It does get hectic but I am not complaining. Pooja rituals are very well planned so that there are no last-minute hiccups. Celebrations with friends and family are also well coordinated and indeed one gets tired but it's indeed worth it.

Rinku Ghosh

Rinku Ghosh:

Diwali is a very joyous festival... With light and Diyas everywhere. Like every year my Diwali is very simple, decorate my house, make rangoli, lit diyas and then do a small puja at home. Meet friends and family and then go to the temple for Kali Puja. I love to be with my family on every occasion and festival. Yes I do agree that due to fire Crackers, there's a lot of air and noise pollution. I personally don't like that bit. From childhood itself I could never bear the noise of firecrackers, the noise made me feel nauseous. I really feel fireCrackers are a waste of money one is literally burning the hard-earned money and it's harmful to the environment.I generally don't do any shopping for Diwali as most of my shopping is done during Durga Puja, just wear something from those.I love the delicious Karanjas, namkeen made by Nani and aunts. Sadly I don't know how to make them. But I love to devour all the delicious delicacies and sweets. I love to wear Indian for any occasion or festival. And Saree is my all-time favorite. My most comfortable wear. Festivals are always fun and of course hectic too. My festivities start mainly with Durga Puja followed by Sharad Purnima as we do Lakshmi puja at home that day, and then Diwali and Kali Puja. So it does get a bit hectic with everything falling back to back but that's all fine. It's all about good vibes and happiness all around. I love every bit of all the festivals and occasions in culture.

Simple Kaul

Simple Kaul:

During Diwali, I usually celebrate it in Delhi with my family, but if I'm in town, I focus on decorating my restaurant beautifully. Friends and loved ones gather, and we enjoy each other's company with no fireworks. We clean our homes, exchange gifts, add Diwali lights and decorative diyas to make our surroundings look stunning. In my case, I make sure my restaurant is adorned with small, charming items. New clothes are a must for Diwali, so I buy new suits or lehengas for the occasion. I'm still in the process of shopping for Diwali, deciding between a suit or a lehenga. While it's a hectic time, it's also a lot of fun, and we have to manage it all somehow.

Megha Sharma

Megha Sharma:

I think Diwali is everyone's favorite festival, and I don't have any specific plans for Diwali yet. I really enjoy decorating my house with essential Diwali items like flowers, lanterns, lights, hampers, and gifts. I always buy a new dress for myself, which is a must for my Diwali outfit. I make sure to include basic things like diyas and house decoration items, and I prefer them to be eco-friendly due to concerns about pollution. I believe that we can choose to burst crackers or not, and nowadays, there are eco-friendly options available, so we can opt for those. I try to incorporate as many eco-friendly elements as possible. While I can't do everything, I like to take the initiative for a more eco-friendly Diwali. I do enjoy sweets, but I'm quite selective. My favorites are gulab jamun and ras malai, and I also like chocolates. Sometimes, my mom makes gajar ka halwa, and it's delicious. Regarding my Diwali outfit, I'm not entirely sure what I'll be wearing this year, but I'm considering a nice Patiala suit.

Aadesh Chaudhary

Aadesh Chaudhary:

I'm excited about Diwali as it's a time when I go back home to celebrate with my family. Diwali is filled with various emotions, and some people burst firecrackers while others opt for eco-friendly celebrations. Personally, I enjoy the thrill of firecrackers, although I agree that we should be mindful of pollution.During Diwali, we indulge in sweets, buy new clothes like kurtas, and sometimes even electronics. I have a particular fondness for kaju katli, so I make sure to relish it during Diwali. I haven't made any specific plans for Dhanteras yet; I'll decide what to buy once I'm home.One thing I'm sure about is that I'll be wearing a kurta for the occasion. Fortunately, I don't have any commitments for a daily soap today, so it's a relatively stress-free day. If I had a show commitment, it would have been more hectic, but right now, I have some free time to relax.


Ekta Saraiya:

Diwali is a special time for me, and this year, I'm excited about my plans. After my shooting, I'll come home to decorate. I opt for a flower rangoli at the entrance because it's pet-friendly, and I decorate my house with tea light candles and flower petals. We also have a Diwali pooja followed by a party at my childhood friend's house, which is a yearly ritual.It's disheartening to see the environmental impact of Diwali with air pollution, noise from firecrackers, and littered streets. However, I do like to burn a fuljari for good luck every year.Diwali is when I shop for traditional Indian wear, which I can wear on various occasions throughout the year. My mother-in-law and I bond over making homemade snacks like chakli, poha ka chiwda, sakaarpara, chorafadi, and mathiya. We also prepare gulab jamun, sugar-free sweets, Bengali sweets, and motichoor ladoos.This year, I haven't planned my outfit yet, but due to a busy shooting schedule, I might go for a saree, which is always an elegant and safe choice.Despite the hectic schedule, the festive energy keeps us going. We engage in Diwali cleaning and deep cleaning the house, which happens once a year. The excitement and high energy levels during festivals like Diwali make the tiredness worthwhile, and you don't even realize it until the festivities are over.

Sheeba Akashdeep

Sheeba Akashdeep:

This Diwali, my plans are tied to work since I have a show on air, “Baatein Kuch Ankhee Si,” and I’ll likely be working during the holiday. However, behind the scenes at home, the decorations and preparations will be in full swing.Being a pet parent, I’ve always been concerned about the pollution caused by firecrackers. From a young age, I learned how harmful they are for the environment. So, for the sake of tradition and good luck, we light a small fuljari for Mahalakshmi but avoid firecrackers to protect the environment. We stick to lighting diyas instead of fireworks, making our Diwali more environmentally friendly.The tradition of shopping during Diwali has evolved over the years as people now shop throughout the year. However, some shopping is still done for the auspiciousness of the occasion. When it comes to sweets, it’s become less common to cook them at home, and most people buy them ready-made.As for my attire, I’ll most probably opt for a saree, as I love wearing it during Diwali. Balancing work, home, kids, and friendships is an art that many working women have mastered. Personally, I’ve learned how to juggle these responsibilities effectively.

Lokit Phulwani

Lokit Phulwani:

This Diwali I will be at my friend's place, it’s like my second home after Dubai. Will start with Lakshmi Puja followed by some crackers and great food.Diwali celebration leads to noise and air pollution because of bursting crackers. Over the years it has come down .. the loud noise can be distressing for humans and harmful to animals. In recent years, there has been growing awareness about the environmental and health impacts of Diwali celebrations, leading to calls for more eco-friendly and quieter alternatives. New clothes, being very festive. I am not very fond of sweets as such. Don’t have a sweet tooth. Though I enjoy a variety of vegetarian delicacies. This year would be no different. When with family it does get very hectic with various festive activities. Being away from family it’s mostly work and some socialising with friends.


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