Celebrities are judged by people who don’t realize what mental pressure they are going through- Delnaaz Irani

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While actress Delnaaz Irani is not one to indulge in replying to each and every negative comment about her on social media, she does make sure to block accounts which try to troll her. The actress says that she does this for her mental peace - Jyothi Venkatesh


“I faced it during my Bigg Boss days… people used to judge me and my ex-husband Rajiv. It became really bad. They didn’t know the actual story. But it’s different with my admirers on social media as 90 percent of people know who I am.

They have actually seen my work through the years. They are very sweet to me, but it does hurt when that 10 percent of people throw negative comments at you. I take it with a pinch of salt because these things are bound to happen.


On social media, there are ample times when I get comments like moti, kab patli hogi etc. Out of 100 messages, there is one message that says something negative so how does that matter? I just go on the person's profile and block that person for my mental health.

I don't want to feel negative so I just block him. If someone asks me questions in the right way, then I give a reasonable answer. But when there are people trolling you for no reason, I just block them,” she says.


The actress admits that most of the time people don’t realise what a celebrity is going through and assume his or her life to be perfect.

“Celebrities are judged by people who don’t realise what mental pressure they are going through, or what is happening in their lives at that particular moment. People just drop in their conclusions without knowing the actual story,” she says.


But she also realises that this is the price you pay to be famous. “You are paying a heavy price by being famous. You cannot just say that it's your life. It's not your life as your life is out there in the open.

The most important thing is to be true to yourself. You can lie to people, but not to yourself. People who know and appreciate you would never say such things about you. You have to know that you can't hide too many things.


It is very evident that if you are a celebrity, your life is like an open book. You have to be confident about everything that you do. If you call me fat, I don't care about it. Being happy in my space is all that matters to me.”

She adds that she does get comments about her relationship with her boyfriend Percy Karkaria, but she doesn’t dwell on them too much.


“Also, whatever people say about my relationship with Percy, I don't care because I know that we are a lovely couple and are together for life.

Celebrities try to be very private and in their shell, but does it really happen? Ultimately people know what you are doing because you are a famous person,” she says.

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