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Celebs Share Their Horrifying Experience Of Being Stalked!


A life filled with fandom can also be filled with unwanted attention that leaves you uncertain and scared. Celebrities live glamorous lives, but some of them have to deal with pretty crazy fans. In some cases, super fans turn into bona fide stalkers. So what happens when your space is compromised and the privacy you take for granted is blatantly invaded?

When one’s at the receiving end of hundreds of letters professing undying love, or a stalker jumps a fence and breaks into a home, things escalate from being weird to downright terrifying. Bringing alive such instances, is the MX Original Series – Hello Mini that makes you experience exactly what happens when a voiceless, nameless and faceless stranger intrudes in your life.

Anuja Joshi, daughter of renowned child actor Master Alankar, and the niece of Indian National Award winner Pallavi Joshi marks her digital debut with with this series and she said, “During college I got multiple messages, calls and Instagram requests from someone who wouldn’t tell me who they were, but kept asking me random questions about my day. It scared me and I know this person’s only objective was to freak me out. I blocked this person on all accounts. It’s very important to make sure we look out for ourselves and others in this age of social media.’

Nikita Dutta, who last appeared in Kabir Singh, has also experienced the dark side of stalking, shares her experience, “This incident is very recent. It literally happened about a month ago, there is a guy who has been coming to the same gym where I go for the past one year and he’s been trying to make conversations with me for the longest time. Initially I tried avoiding because I got very weird vibes from him but then it went on to a stage where he started sending me messages on Facebook. I had to block him thereafter. Recently when I was out of the country shooting, the same guy followed me down to the country I was in. I don’t know how he got to know where I was because it was nowhere out in the news. He knew the hotel I was staying in and he actually stayed in the same hotel, one day when I was walking out of the gym, we bumped into each other. In fact even while I was flying back, he was on the same flight back with me. I did think of filing a complaint against him but didn’t end up doing that just to stay out of any kind of chaotic mess. Now, I have stopped going to that particular gym because this incident was kind of unavoidable. Possibly the best way to deal with it.”

Popular Punjabi actress Parul Gulati who has appeared in a few Hindi TV serials, web series and movies talks about her most scariest stalking incident she has experienced  – “Recently I felt like I was being watched and someone was keeping a tab on my whereabouts and I found new developments in my phone and apps suddenly. Worse was when I saw a new icon called screen recording on my phone and it was on. I also didn’t have anything in my photo gallery anymore. That was the moment I changed all my passwords and took all security measures possible. It is very scary how someone can go to this length to stalk you. That surely led me to doubt every person on social media and I limited my about info on social media.”

Chitrashi Rawat a former Indian hockey player, film actress and television presenter discloses one such incident that she encountered while traveling for shoot. Talking about the incident she says, “This incident happened few years back when I was travelling to Delhi for some work. I checked myself into a hotel in Delhi. After 5 – 10 minutes of checking into my room the lights went off. It was late in the evening and somebody started knocking at the door and ran away, then somebody from the reception called and very creepily started whispering over the phone. I don’t know who that was but it happened two-three times. That was the creepiest experience I have ever had. Since I checked into the hotel, many people must have seen me checking in and so I had to move out of that hotel immediately. This is the scariest stalking incidence I have experienced till date.”

Rashmi Agdekar an Indian Actress and a Model known for her role as Daani in Andhadhun, has dealt with a similar stalker who went from being a crazy fan to a crazy stalker. Talking about the incident Rashmi says, “A certain lady posted on all of her social media if she knew who the girl in Andhadhun was and started messaging all my friends and  somehow got my phone number. Initially she appreciated my work, pretending that she has a script for me. But then she constantly kept calling and messaging, asking for personal info and asking to meet her. After giving her an ultimatum, I had to block her everywhere.”

Himika Bose is an internet sensation who rose to fame with the hilarious Every Curly Haired Girl and thought-provoking short films like Abnormal that gained millions of views. She’s already nabbed dozens of ad campaigns, acted in multiple well-received web shows like MX Exclusive Insiders, portrayed a good role in the hit film Padman and debuted in the Malayalam  film titled Valiyaperunnal. She recalls a terrifying stalker who kept a track of all her moves and followed her all around just because he wanted to meet her. Talking more about the incident she says, “I’m kinda lucky that I haven’t been stalked like that till date. But the most scary feeling was once when I got a text from a person on my Instagram mentioning every detail including even my earrings and the number of my uber car and how he was following me to ‘meet me’ but he lost me in the traffic.”

Highlighting this serious issue of stalking, MX Player brings to you its first psychological thriller ‘Hello Mini’. It revolves around the life of Rivanah aka Mini who is stalked by a stranger who keeps an eye on her every move.  However, she ends up on a dangerous path when the stranger’s obsession with her, starts affecting her life. Directed by Faruk Kabir, the series stars Anuja Joshi as the lead along with Mrinal Dutt, Gaurav Chopra and Priya Banerjee in key roles.

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