Celebs talk about fitness post-COVID

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Celebs talk about fitness post-COVID

Celebrities open up to JYOTHI VENKATESH about how they are working on fitness post-COVID.

Khabhi Khabhi Itefaq Sey actress Delnaaz Irani


There is no time to exercise or do any form of exercise as I immediately started working. Having said that, whenever I get some free time on the shoot, I do my asanas, a lot of breathing exercises, yoga and I try and do a lot of walking on the set also.

We have a little garden to walk. I walk for around 30-45 minutes so that I get all my strength back. I continuously take my multi-vitamins and vitamin C to regain all the energy and strength and to build up immunity.

I also drink green tea, kaada, tulsi chai and ginger tea. Even on the set, they are providing with kaada. These are the few precautions one has to be careful post-COVID. It's just work and going for the shot. No extra energy to be consumed and I am being a little careful about things.

Tara From Sitara actor Eijaz Khan


I am still in the process of figuring out how to start workout. I have realised that COVID affects the lungs and the cardiovascular system and affects almost every part of your body.

That is the first thing I want to take care of because I just hear a lot of people getting heart attacks. I have started doing walks for 40 minutes a day. The COVID fatigue has really hit hard.

Sometimes I cannot get out of bed till 1 pm, I force myself out. After any walk or anything, I try running or slow jogging because my knees also hurt. The next day I cannot work out.

There is a COVID fog as you are really confused about the timings and planning of the day. I have started putting 30-40 minutes into cardiovascular workout.

I tried going to the gym once and doing a very light circuit training but my body started hurting. All my friends who had COVID in the past keep advising me that it affects you for 2-3 months and after that you would be able to do all those things that you did.

My doctor said that COVID fatigue is real and there will days where you will get spurts of energy, there will be days when you will not be able to move. All I can say is that doing cardiovascular workout really helps.

Vidrohi actor Sharad Malhotra


Post-COVID, the energy levels are low. I have to gain back my immunity for sure. Being an actor I am a fitness freak and I have to look good too. I have started brisk walking and started going to the gym as well.

Instead of 6 days, I am going to the gym 3 days a week. For 5 minutes I am also doing pranayam. I am eating carefully and also drinking warm water.

On the set too, I am drinking kaada. Sometimes, I also play with my dog which gives me a lot of positivity. I am making it a point not to exert myself too much.

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