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Chahatt Khanna Is Really Setting The Bar Higher Each Day 

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Chahatt Khanna is really setting the bar higher each day . She is now learning mix martial arts and it’s one of the toughest sports around.

She is not just learning herself but also is making her kids learn the sports. She has also influenced the kids in her society to take up the sport and they are also learning alongside her. Today’s world is a difficult place to be and self-defence physically becomes an important skill set and this is a wonderful example.

We spoke to chahatt and here is what she has to say, ” It was important for the kids to learn and they listen less and observe more. So i took it on myself to learn and it was just eventual that the kids followed. It’s lovely to see them so focused. And it’s an art form and in today’s world sadly it has become important. I want them to enjoy the sport and the benefits will come as and when they are supposed to happen. And i feel amazing doing this as well. The kids in my society have taken to this looking at me and i feel it’s important to inspire the next generation and it’s all the way better as the kids train with me”

She is mother goals and a whole list of other things. We wish her all the happiness and love and a very happy new year.

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