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Chanda Patel Says That I’m Not Pornstar Nazar Sambhal Ke Is A Special Film For Her

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Chanda Patel, who has been in the film industry for some time and successfully producing content for Entertainment, says that I’m not Pornstar Nazar Sambhal Ke is one of her most special films and predicts that it will sensationally rock.  Keeping her cards close to her heart she says, “I’m not Pornstar Nazar Sambhal Ke is one of the most special films I’ve produced. I’m extremely proud of it. It has a great universal appeal including script and actors and word of mouth potential. That’s why I’m confident,” said Chanda. Directed by Jainedra Baxi, the film talks about, where the mind is mostly occupied. In a lighter note we say empty mind is a devils’ workshop and we think about many thing but one thing we certainly think is, will we be loved?

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