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Chandan Roy Sanyal Plays Professor And An Undercover Rickshawala In Hawa Badle Hassu


Jyothi Venkatesh

The web series ‘Hawa Badle Hassu’ is all set to stream on SonyLiv. The series in its season one boasts of a stellar cast led by Chandan Roy Sanyal, Smita Tambe (Singham Returns fame), Anissa Ani , Zachary Coffin and Vikram Kochchar (Sacred Games, Sumit Samhal Lega fame). Hawa Badle Hassu is an Environmental sci-fi thriller which has equal proportions of social comedy elements and full-blown Sci-Fi intrigue. Shot in Mumbai suburbs and virgin locations at Vaitarna (Maharashtra), and co-written and produced by Protiqe Mojoomdar, the web series Hawa Badle Hassu , according to its director duo Saptaraj and Siva, sets out to dish out a strong message on environment sustainability and critical lifestyle changes, through interesting and futuristic storytelling. Chandan plays the titular Professor Hasmukh Pandey a.k.a Hassu, who rides an eco- friendly rickshaw, spreads the message on environment conservation to his unassuming passengers. Chandan Roy Sanyal who is shooting for a Bengali film called Deep Six says that he is also equally excited about his forthcoming films like Jabariya Jodi. Says Chandan who is a perfectionist as well as a thinking actor who learnt riding an auto rickshaw in Versova from a rickshaw driver in just two hours without possessing a license, “Hassu is an environment-conscious rickshawala, who drives a CNG-fuelled rickshaw, which is the cleanest fuel and yet he inhales all the poisonous emissions throughout the day like any other rickshawala. He has turned his rickshaw into an eco-friendly zone filled with plants and oxygen cylinders. Hassu’s mission in life is to educate people about the environment. Hence, he chats up his passengers with a hope to make them more aware. It was challenging for me as an actor to shoot almost 70% of the web series inside a rickshaw as its driver. I am happy that I got an opportunity to play a nuanced character that is also quite quirky in Hawa Badle Hassu”. By the way, Chandan Roy Sanyal who has directed a couple of short films earlier, told me that he is all set to write a script and turn director of a feature film.

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