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Chandan Roy Sanyal’s Urojahaj Gets Overwhelming Response At Kolkata International Film Festival 2019


Jyothi Venkatesh

Chandan Roy Sanyal has already established his name as a strong actor and recently, he got some great response for his latest film which affirmed the same. Chandan, who is in Kolkata at the moment for the International Film Festival 2019, is garnering praises for his recently released Bengali film, Urojahaj (The Flight). The story talks about a regular man and his dream of owning a fighter pilot but how he gets caught up in the bureaucratic system thanks to the government. Sanyal plays the lead character and when the film was showcased at the festival, the audience was so enthralled by his performance that they showered the film and performances with a thundering applause. The screening was held at one of the premium theatres and it was filled with a humungous group of 1100 people and attended by renowned personalities like actor Prosenjit and filmmaker Gautam Ghosh. The latter was all praises for Chandan’s performance in the film. Talking about this experience, Chandan says, “It was surreal! We have put so much into the film and it was an overwhelming experience to see people loving it so much. And there over a thousand people there, some of them placed themselves on the aisles to watch the film. I have always said that Buddhadev Dasgupta is a brilliant filmmaker and it is amazing to see that the work he and all of us put into this film has resonated with the audience. It was a fantastic feeling when a filmmaker of Gautam’s stature came and told me that he liked my performance. Urojahan (The Flight) will have a theatrical release on December 13, 2019.

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