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Chandni Bar Was Upendra Limaye’s First Commercial Film


Jyothi Venkatesh

It is best to believe that Sony TV’s popular comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show is a place where all the stars let their guards down and be it their movies, personal life or tit bits from behind the scenes, they say it all. Recently, the stage of show was graced by none other than National Award winning actor Upendra Limaye along with Roshni Walia. The two have been essaying the roles of Sachin Mane and Tara Mane in the show Tara from Satara. The father-daughter duo was seen laughing their hearts out on Kapil’s joke while Kapil also asked them a few questions from their personal and professional lives. Upendra stated , “I wanted to be a cricketer but my parents didn’t allow me to pursue that and they wanted me to make a career in Kabaddi. Also later I realized that the financial problem in my family was the real hurdle because of which my father said no to me for chasing cricket as a career option. That’s when I decided to take up acting as a full time profession and took admission in the acting college of Pune. Chandni Bar was my first commercially hit film”.The actor also spoke about the current storyline of his show which is very similar to his real life situation where Tara’s father is against her pursuing dance as a viable career option. Upendra said, “Tara’s father doesn’t want her to face the challenges which he faced while trying to chase his dreams of becoming a dancer and as a father he wants to keep her safe from every problem that may come her way.”In the show, Roshni Walia who plays a carefree freestyle dancer in Tara from Satara was seen performing on a medley of 20 songs.


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