Charrul Malik on comic acts offending people: We should avoid saying things that would hurt someone

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Every actor wants to try their hand at comedy at least once in their career. But, not everyone gets that opportunity. News anchor turned actor Charrul Malik, who is a part of comic shows such as Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, shares her interest in the genre and why it is the most difficult to approach.

“Yes, of course because comedy is such a light-hearted and positive zone. Not everyone gets the chance because of the missing punch. Not everyone can make everyone laugh. A comedian can do a serious role but for an actor, who is doing comedy for the first time, it gets a little difficult because it shows your true personality. Whenever I see actors on my set they are always laughing or making everyone laugh. It is tough,” she says. charrul malik (1)

Apart from her ongoing shows, Charrul was hosting and producing a TV & Bollywood oriented entertainment news show with a flair of comedy in her anchoring.. “Right now I am very happy about doing comedy. Any other chance if I get, I would want to go to The Kapil Sharma show,” she adds.

Her favourite films include Hera Pheri and 3 idiots. “I can see these movies on replay as many times as possible. The timing, energy and the star cast of Hera Pheri is amazing. I can’t wait for Hera Pheri 2. And same for 3 idiots, a light-hearted and amazing film,” she says.

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Sometimes comedy offends some people as well. And this turns into trolling and bullying on social media as well. Freedom of speech, these days, has become an issue.

“Yes, sometimes people are affected while performing comedy, some people get hurt and then the trolling starts on social media. I don’t understand the mindset of people because on social media they just need a chance to bully someone. But freedom of speech can sometimes become an issue because people can’t talk about anything and everything. But yes, we should avoid saying things that would hurt someone. I think some shows don’t follow this and that is why they get trolled. We should see everyone’s point of view and we should think before saying anything. Web series have taken a lot of freedom of speech. I think it should be made with a lot of thinking. Nowadays no one wants stress. People love to watch shows where you don't have to use your mind. Hence comedy is the best medium.,” she adds.

The last film that she enjoyed in the theatre is Drishyam. “Acting wise and the whole suspense were amazing. I also completely enjoyed watching RRR and Drishyam 2 as well,” she ends.


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