Charrul Malik: There's nothing wrong with using filters, but we should use it occasionally

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It is often difficult to accept the changes that our body and skin go through as we age. Probably, it affects more when one is a public figure, hence that leads to the use of filters social media and even otherwise. Actress Charrul Malik opines that the overuse of filters has made it difficult for us to accept our realities and flaws.

“People are using a lot of filters, mostly face filters. But, if you're using body filters where you're changing the way you look totally, I don't think I relate to it or it's fair at all because you're showing yourself in a way which you're not in reality. I do use filters on Instagram but just to enhance the lighting or the features whenever we are shooting in close-ups. When we shoot indoors or outdoors, the lights are at times not good and whatever shows or movies you watch, they all look good because they get good light. It's the game of the lights all the way. So while making reels or clicking pictures, we don't have that perfect lighting to enhance our face. That's when we use filters but those filters do not bring major changes. They just brighten up the skin tone,” says the Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actor.

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Going back to the topic of body filters, she adds, “Those who are using body filters, it's kind of a manipulation where you're manipulating not just yourself but the way other people look at you. You're not showing people what you are in reality. A little change is fine but not much. I completely agree that filters should be used in a limited way. I share photos on Instagram, both using filters and without it. I'm not completely dependent on filters honestly. It makes for a drastic change and it takes some time to recognise the same people in real life. There's nothing wrong with it, but we should use filters occasionally. Be yourself as it is the right thing to do.”
Charrul tries to keep things as natural as possible most of the time. “However, like I mentioned earlier, I do use filters occasionally. If you use too many filters, the appearance feels fake. And at times you also start believing in this unreality, which creates both physical and mental issues later,” she explains.
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The actor agrees that she does use various features on Instagram, including filters, just for fun. And, she is okay with showing herself in a hilarious way or in a filtered way, and in all the other ways because she feels it strikes a good balance.
“I do not always show myself pretty if you see on my Instagram. I have used filters but in a limited way. So I think you should strike a balance—be it uploading the same content or different kinds of content, making people laugh, laughing at yourself, go with a natural picture when you have good light. If the light isn't good, you can go with filters. I think it's a mix and match and we should not be overreacting or judging anybody because of it. We should take it casually, and happily and use it on and off. There should not be a set pattern for it. That's what I have been doing as well,” she adds.
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