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Jyothi Venkatesh

The entire world seems to have come to standstill because of the spread of the deadly COVID-19. While people continue to stay in their houses, the entertainment industry is working from their homes to generate content for their fans. The latest one being a brand new music video by Rupesh Sonar and Sanjay Gagnani.Talking about the same, Rupesh says, “We are proudly presenting #GHAR BAITHO INDIA! This is an effort and an initiative taken by all of us collectively to request and appeal our fans and the citizens of our country to #stayhome in order to break the chain of virus and make our country #coronafree at the earliest! We support and salute the entire healthcare community, the army, the government, the NGOs and social workers who are working endlessly and selflessly towards the welfare of the nation during the pandemic. Together, we shall come out of these crises soon, by maintaining social distancing, we can defeat the virus. So, #GHAR BAITHO INDIA.”

The actor says that being at home is the only way to stay safe in today’s times. “Stay home and maintaining social distancing is the only weapon we’ve discovered against the deadly coronavirus that has changed the face of the planet today. The world health organisation, the government of all the countries affected have been appealing their respective citizens and have been also advising the other nations to maintain social distancing,” he says, adding, “Our honourable Prime Minister was quick enough to imply a 21-day lockdown for the entire nation because that was the only weapon that would have broken the chain of virus and helped the cases not increase since we are the largest population in the world only after China.”Talking about how he came on board, Rupesh says, “I came across this song “GHAR BAITHO INDIA” on a social media platform and I got immediately connected to it the moment I heard it and that’s when I thought and decided that it has to reach a lot of people. I contacted the singer Virus and Mr.Anup Kumar from music label Acme Music, who were excited with my idea that their song would feature more than 20 celebrities in it since they were more than happy to contribute to social awareness.”

The song features the likes of Poonam Preet, Sunayna Fozdar, Aneri Vajani, Vaishnavi Prajapati, Waseem Mushtaq, Sapna Thakur, Harsh Rajput, Zaan Khan, Manit Joura among others.Sanjay adds, “We brought in editor Sameer Mere, who was ready to help us with the editing of the video. Rupesh and I collectively sent the names of celebrities to the music label, who finally shortlisted 23 celebrities to be featured in the music video. After which, we started collecting the footage of song from all our actor friends who were generous enough to shoot their respective portion from their phone camera. And then on, the footage was shared to the editor Sameer Mere who edited the music video and finally, Ghar Baithe Baithe, the music video “GHAR BAITHO INDIA” featuring more than 20 celebrities was ready for release!”

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