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Chhapak Review – One Hour Story Has Been Forced

One hour story has been forced

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Where the audience sits thinking that Chhapaak is a very emotional film, there is nothing like that. The film definitely connects you with the life of Laxmi Agarwal, the troubles faced by her are definitely visible but only after a while the film starts boring.Till the interval, the film still somehow keeps you connected, but after the interval, there is nothing in the film.

Story –

The film begins with a ruckus over the ongoing Nirbhaya case in the country. While Amol Played by “Vikrant Massey” is introduced, Amol is portrayed in the role of a serious character who now leaves the job of a journalist and runs an NGO called “Chhaya” for acid attack survivors. Now the story is taken to Malti Agarwal  (Deepika Padukone), Malti is looking for a job for herself, but seeing her burnt face, people are hesitant because of which, Malti is not getting a job.Now Malti meets a journalist who is also Amol’s friend, who asks Malti to talk to Amol for a job. Malti meets Amol and starts working with him.

In the next scene, Malti is shown remembering the incident that happened, how a sudden acid is thrown over Malti and Malti is moaning in pain, after which Malti is rushed to the hospital where she makes her statement to the police In which it is revealed that the guy who throws acid is  the family friend of Malti  named “Babbu” aka Bashir Khan.

Now Malti is sent to a good hospital, where seven surgeries are performed on her face. Malti’s case is going on in the court and Babbu keeps coming out on the bail again and again. Now in Malti’s case, apart from punishing the culprits, the emphasis is also on shutting down acid sales in the country. Now the film comes again in the time of Amol and some more acid cases are revealed. The proximity of Amol and Malti begins to increase.

In the end, Babu aka Bashir Khan gets a ten-year sentence and the acid sales in the country are regulated,  not banned.



The story ends abruptly.

Overview –

As everyone knows that the film is based on a true incident. But the film will be viewed like a film, so it is better to observe on the basis of the film itself.

The film creates an atmosphere of excitement at the beginning, the scene of the ongoing agitation about the Nirbhaya case increases your curiosity for the film in the beginning, the struggle of Malti’s  search for a job and the behavior of people towards Malti will make you  passionate . .

After seeing the flashback of Malti, the eyes become moist and that’s all.In fact, it seems that the film is just that, forty minutes after its opening, the film is simply forced.

Music –

Almost all the songs in the film are much better. The music of the film also proves very helpful in increasing your emotionality.

Acting –

Talking about acting, “Vikrant” and “Deepika” have done their acting well. The rest of the supporting actors have done well. Yes, the court scene could have been made more dramatic in the film, the lawyers on both sides could evoke more sentiment for Malati and resentment for the heinous crime committed by Bashir Khan by their acting, but they Failed to do so.


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