Chiffon sarees and freezing weather; Celebrities react to Rocky Rani Kii Prem Kahani’ Tum Kya Mile!  

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Chiffon sarees and freezing weather; Celebrities react to Rocky Rani Kii Prem Kahani’ Tum Kya Mile!  

The song Tum Kya Mile from Rocky Rani Kii Prem Kahani invokes the Bollywood nostalgia of chiffon sarees and romantic numbers. Celebrities talk about their love for sarees and the challenges faced in shooting them.

Sumbul Touqeer

Sumbul TouqeerI appreciate the evolution of Bollywood music and how it reflects the changing trends and tastes of audiences. While the classic chiffon saree numbers have their own charm and nostalgia. Each song has its own unique appeal and significance, and it's inspiring to see how actresses have portrayed grace and elegance through these numbers. Some memorable ones include Hum Tum Song and Tip Tip Barsa Paani from Mohra. Whether it's portraying romance in real-life settings or within the reel world, my priority is to bring honesty and depth to the characters I portray. It's crucial for filmmakers and production teams to prioritise the well-being and comfort of actors during shoots, particularly in challenging conditions. One observation I have regarding chiffon saree numbers in Bollywood is that they have become an iconic representation of the industry's romantic aesthetics. However, it's important to acknowledge the changing preferences of audiences and embrace a more diverse range of storytelling approaches. Exploring new styles and creating songs and sequences that are both visually stunning and narratively engaging can bring a fresh perspective to Bollywood romance.

Sneha Jain

Sneha JainAs an actor, I appreciate the rich history and charm of the beautiful numbers that have been a part of Bollywood for a long time. While the industry has evolved and diversified over the years, there's still something special about those classic Bollywood romantic songs. Each song has its own unique appeal and holds a special place in the hearts of audiences. However, some notable ones that come to mind are Bhaage Re Mann from the movie Chameli and Dhak Dhak Karne Laga from the film Beta. As actors, part of our job is to bring stories and characters to life, which often includes portraying various romantic scenarios. While the idea of being a heroine in snow-clad locales in chiffon sarees is undoubtedly appealing and dreamy, my focus is more on delivering a compelling performance. It's important to strike a balance between creating visually stunning moments in films and ensuring the well-being of the actors involved. As much as I appreciate the beauty of such numbers, I also believe in prioritising the comfort and safety of everyone involved in the filmmaking process. Realistic romance and songs that are comfortable to shoot can still evoke emotions and captivate the audience without compromising the well-being of the actors. Bollywood has the ability to adapt and evolve, and I believe there is room for both classic nostalgia and fresh, realistic approaches to romance and song sequences.

Rishina Kandhari

Rishina KandhariIt's tough for me to pick a favourite chiffon saree number because there have been so many lovely songs showcasing women in ethereal sarees. Each song has its own distinct appeal and significance, and it's inspiring to watch how these songs have expressed grace and elegance. As a performer, Whether I'm depicting romance in real life or on screen, my objective is to convey honesty and depth to the characters I play. I admire the balance made between producing aesthetically stunning romantic numbers and taking into account the practical realities of shooting, ensuring that the process stays enjoyable and healthy for all involved. Bollywood has the capacity to have a wide range of love songs. Chiffon saree numbers in Bollywood have become an iconic expression of the industry's romantic aesthetics, in my opinion. My favorites of all time are 'Gerua' from 'Dilwale' and 'Teri Ore' from 'Singh is King'. Shaan Mishra. It is fantastic to see romantic songs in romantic landscapes. Yash Chopra is known for such films as Silsila, Chandni, and Lamhe, and we have seen some mesmerizing songs. When one goes into the theatre to have larger-than-life experiences, such romantic numbers are eye candy. Alia Bhatt is a performer who shot in the cold, and after the scenes, one surely has options to wear woolen clothes. So, it's pretty fine, and we shouldn't be judgmental about it. I like Sridevi in Chandni songs. She looks perfect.

Adaa Khan

Adaa KhanI love chiffon saree songs picturized on actors. Yashraj Films has been a pioneer in that. Sridevi in Chandni and Lamhe looked beautiful and evergreen. I would like to do such numbers, for sure. Even Rekha in Silsila looked so good. A larger-than-life experience is what we've looked out for years. Alia Bhatt looks superb. The song in the picture-perfect location looks awesome and like a dream. It's a Bollywood tradition that should be continued. One of my favorites is Suraj Hua Madham.

Somy Ali

Somy AliWithout those songs, it would be equivalent to eating a bland meal on a daily basis. The songs and the ingredients are what brought forth an unforgettable film. Songs we would remember for a lifetime, and they would take us emotionally to where we were when we heard or watched them in that specific moment. Above all, the lyrics were poetic and contained meaning. I find that to be a rarity today, with the exception of a few. Oh God! There have been tons, but Kate Nahin Kat Te with Sridevi and anything with Mumtaz ji is eternally spectacular, as is Madhuri. No one can beat Rekha, Sridevi, Kajol, Rani, and above all, Madhuri, when it comes to dancing in chiffon sarees. Never! I found it to be rather sexist while the hero is wearing layers and layers to keep warm and the heroines are freezing to a point where one can potentially get hypothermia draped in just a chiffon saree. It’s absurd and cruel at its best. I would have to agree with Karan here and commend him for being empathetic. It’s simply not healthy and not just potentially dangerous, because if one, for example, has a weak immune system, they might collapse due to the cold. Why can’t both leads be dressed accordingly? We are in 2023 now, and it’s time for equality in all facets, and yes, even in something that one might deem to be as vain as dressing a young lady in a chiffon saree. Their health and safety should always come first. A heroine can be sexy without being clothed in a chiffon saree in the snow as well. It’s been done many times before. Aside from it being sexiest and cruel, my take would be to place a complete stop to this and change it so we move towards progression from an equality perspective. Every little act, for lack of a better term, makes a huge difference.

Anupama Solanki

Anupama SolankiI really miss sarees and finally, Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani has revived my memories. Even in my new Dangal TV show, Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani, I am also wearing a Banarsi saree and sometimes a satin saree. Each and every woman has the desire to wear a saree because a saree makes you a perfect woman. I have never worn a saree in my life so this is the first time I am wearing a saree in my new show. So I don’t know about chiffon sarees but one thing I know is that saree is not everyone's cup of tea. Saree gives you a feeling of royalty. Other dresses can be carried easily, but a saree is not for everyone. Also, it’s extremely challenging to shoot in a really cold location in a chiffon saree because a few years back I did shoot in Manali in a short dress and that was too tough in such locations. My observation is not only for sarees even sometimes when we wear short dresses that become more difficult to carry on the shoot because you have to take care of your costume and this is more difficult than saree. Short dresses are also extremely challenging to carry among 100 crew members.

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