Childhood love is very innocent, says Seerat Kapoor in a candid interview!

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Seerat Kapoor

Seerat Kapoor began her career in Cinema as a Choreographer and today she is one of the most established artists in Southern Cinema. Seerat is a talented actress-a model and known for her prominent fashion and acting sense, who has a lot to look forward to in 2020. A buzz online has been created by the recent teaser release of her upcoming film "Krishna and his Leela".

Seerat, was last seen in the Ravi Teja-starrer Touch Chesi Chudu and is turning heads with the recent announcement of yet another upcoming feature "Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma." She will be seen collaborating once again  with costar Siddhu Jonnalagadda from “Krishna and His Leela"

Seerat’s film with Sidhu, "Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma", will have a completely different storyline though. “My character has been sketched to be poles apart from Ruksaar in Krishna And His Leela. I play Vinitha, a no-nonsense typical Andhra Telugu girl who is both disciplined and career-driven,” she says, adding, “The film explores how a couple falls in love and attempts to convince their elders. The story, however, discovers a twist in the plot when the couple itself is found to be in deep ends.”

The movie is Directed by Aditya Mandala, the rom-com entertainer has Seerat playing an intelligent, complex and a hard to win college girl.
In talks with Seerat, She also shares the recollection of her childhood crush in school, of Grade VII.

She says “We were young and innocent at the time. We experienced the first tickles of love, in moments of such simplicity, I remember. From sharing our home-cooked tiffins in lunch breaks to helping each other in assignments and traveling daily to tuitions together; we embraced the joy of true friendship, by enjoying merely just the presence of each other. Even today, I and my tiny but intimate group of school friends often find ourselves reminiscing about our good old shares of laughter and punishments, all through our growing up days. It was one of the most beautiful phases of my life. As I reflect back upon it today, it still teaches me that love; is as modest as valuing the existence of each-other. Once this understanding is met with, we automatically tend to prioritize our efforts to maintain the bond, as our first impulse.

The Raju Gari Gadhi 2 star states that she can connect to rom-coms as an actor because by nature she is driven by emotions and savors to explore the depths of sentiments.

On asking for a relationship advice Kapoor quotes “A relationship must be allowed patience. Don’t rush, trust the journey and let the answer reveal itself to you, by offering it the grace of time”

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