Chinese Traders To Rule Vijayanagar Market On Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

The newly formed ‘Naari Sarkar’ in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama is geared up to make some significant changes in the kingdom of Vijayanagar.

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Tenali Rama

The newly formed ‘Naari Sarkar’ in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama is geared up to make some significant changes in the kingdom of Vijayanagar. This show has been garnering immense appreciation from the viewers for its take on the legendary tale of Tenali Rama with a gripping storyline and characters. Vijayanagar has witnessed a major shift with the queens taking charge of the daily affairs of the city after Krishnadevaraya(Manav Gohil) left the reins in their hands. Following this, as part of their very first command since taking the throne, the queens have opened the doors for the Chinese traders to be a part of the Vijayanagar bazaar with an intention to diversify and grow the existing market.

The entire Kingdom of Vijayanagar is seen flocking the shops of these Chinese traders who offer their products for free to the women and at the cheapest price for the rest. This shift in the market prices and the introduction of new products like noodles is changing the eating patterns of the residents of Vijayanagar. On the other hand, local traders are furious with this decision by the queens since their business is heavily affected. The Queens are still oblivious to upcoming uproar from the local traders but Rama(Krishna Bharadwaj) is suspicious of the Chinese traders and their intentions.

What will Tenali Rama do? Will he able to reveal the true intentions of the Chinese traders? Will this decision by the Queens prove detrimental to the kingdom?

Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the role of Tenali Rama said, “Vijayanagar has been going through a change yet again and the upcoming episodes will bring testing times for Tenali. Chinese traders are dominating the market with really cheap products and the local traders are suffering. I enjoyed the storyline since it’s different and exciting.”

Sonia Sharmaessaying the role of Chinnadevi said, “I am really enjoying shooting for the upcoming episodes. The queens are determined to make significant developments in various affairs of the Kingdom. But our viewers will soon witness an unexpected twist.”

 Priyanka Singh, essaying the role of Tirumalamba said, “Tenali is wary of the decisions made by the queens. It is unknown if he is right or not. The upcoming episodes will reveal the intentions of the Chinese traders. I want to take this moment to thank our viewers for showering us with love and we all want to keep working towards entertaining them.”

Watch Tenali unfold the truth of the Chinese traders on Tenali Rama every Monday-Friday at 7:30pm only on Sony SAB

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