Chiropractic doctor Rajneesh Kant, resident of Ara Bihar, received the Dadasaheb Phalke Indian Television Award.!

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The soil of Bhojpur has given birth to amazing talents and this trend has been going on not from today but for centuries.  From being born on this brave land to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of India, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to the great freedom fighter, everyone has irrigated this land of India with their hard work.  Dr. Rajneesh Kant, born in the Begumpura locality of Arrah, who has become famous all over the world as a chiropractic doctor, was honored with a very prestigious honor Dadasaheb Phalke Indian Television Award in Mumbai today.

Dr. Rajneesh Kant talked to the media persons

This award show was organized at Hotel Hyatt Centric, Juhu, Mumbai.  After Dr. Rajneesh Kant received the award during the award ceremony held in Mumbai, show organizer Akhilesh Singh said that Dr. Rajneesh has provided his services to every section of society, he has been very successful not only to political personalities but also to film celebrities. He has undergone treatment and he is continuously improving in this field, hence he should have received this honor.  After receiving this Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Dr. Rajneesh Kant also talked to the media persons.  Expressing his happiness after receiving this award, he said that it is indeed a matter of great honor for him that today he was considered worthy of this award.
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Dr. Rajneesh have successfully treated many people

In our career so far, we have successfully treated many people including actor Pankaj Tripathi, actress Kajal Raghwani, Khesari Lal Yadav, political leader and the most famous Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav, leader Ashok Chaudhary.  Due to the successful treatment and encouragement of these people, we have got the opportunity to treat many big and respected people from all over the world, along with them, all the common people who come to us for treatment are also treated with the same devotion and honesty.
Dr. Rajneesh Kant

Today Dr. Rajneesh Kant gives credit for his success

Is done with. Cervical problems are increasing in the youth of today, talking about which Dr. Rajneesh Kant said that in fact, today's generation has forgotten how to sit, sleep, stand and how to control our body.  Can be kept healthy.  In such a situation, it is natural for this disease to increase.  If today's young generation just changes their lifestyle or brings a little change in themselves, then these diseases can be controlled with great success.  Today Dr. Rajneesh Kant gives credit for his success to his family and well-wishers and thanks everyone.
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