Death Anniversary Kamal Amrohi: I am a filmmaker, not a peon!

Death Anniversary : I have come to Kamalistan Studio after a long time. During the days when 'Razia Sultan' was being made, this house had become like a courtyard. Everyone calls him Kamal Saheb. Kamal Amrohi is a name that needs no introduction.

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Death Anniversary Kamal Amrohi: I am a filmmaker, not a peon!

I have come to Kamalistan Studio after a long time. During the days when 'Razia Sultan' was being made, this house had become like a courtyard. Everyone calls him Kamal Saheb. Kamal Amrohi is a name that needs no introduction. The few happiness that I have got in film journalism is the company of Kamal Saheb.

-Conversation between Kamal Amrohi and Arun Kumar Shastri

If everyone becomes a writer then how will the structure of society function?

He loves me a lot and let me tell you that I often meet him at odd hours and raise questions in his mind. I also want to write that perhaps no one in the entire world of films has influenced me as much as he has as a man. This has become a colony of dirty people. There is no opportunity to write the names and addresses of the few good people these days. Although Kamal Saheb has been infamous and he has also accepted it, he had said - If I had been like a common man, perhaps Kamal Amrohi would not have happened. If I had left home at 9 o'clock, returned from the office at 5 o'clock, and slept at 10 p.m., how would I have written, how would I have become a writer? The writer spends his nights awake and then he writes the complete truth of life. But my truth is not the poverty of India, but the truth that has come to me is the truth of the glory and sorrow of the rich, this has also been the subject of my films. But I would also like to say that I have immense respect for those who lead a normal life, after all, if everyone becomes a writer then how will the structure of the society function? Who will keep track of what is happening where?


One cannot remain impressed by these words of Kamal Amrohi. When I have come to Kamalistan this time, I feel as if I have come to a small piece of heaven - my stress has gone away for a while. The fountains that were built outside the Palace of Altunia are now used by producers for their shoots. Even now Govinda-Farah and after that Mithun-Dimple are shooting while swinging in each other's arms. The director of the first film was Swaroop Kumar and the director of the second was Raj Kumar Kohli. Kamal Amrohi was sitting in his office at the end of Kamalistan, immersed in the various colors of flowers, and I was breaking his silence by reaching there.


For some reason the king hates women

Recently, the news was published in newspapers that Amaal Amrohi is producing a serial for Doordarshan by the name of 'Alif Laila' - Au Laila'. Alif means a thousand and Laila means night. The author of this story of Arabian Nights is anonymous. This story is about the emperor of Baghdad. Due to some reasons, the king hates women and to avenge this hatred, he makes any beautiful woman of his empire his bed material i.e. after marrying her at night killing her in the morning, and throwing her in the Dagla River. Are being given. This is a dangerous accident as the water of Kidgala has become habituated to drinking blood. One day it is revealed that the most untouched thing of Baghdad, i.e. the incomparably beautiful picture of Wazir's daughter (Wazir Zadi) Husn, has not been taken away till now. After dramatic events, Wazir Zadi also marries the king, but the condition of Wazir Zadi is that she will tell him a story and she will not be murdered until the story is finished. Wazir Zadi's stories are so interesting that morning comes and she gets many more days of life to finish the story, thus she tells stories to the king for a thousand and one nights and the king thus gives up the habit of killing. . Usually wanted to end this Doordarshan serial in 4 installments. Video Vision people handed over the planning and direction of this serial to Kamal Sahab and the funniest thing is that when the script was given to Doordarshan, Kamal Sahab was honored in such a way that his script was rejected very brutally. Went. Such honor can be possible under Rajiv Ji's rule. I asked Kamal Saheb to tell the truth on what basis your script was canceled. And what would you like to say in this regard? Kamal Amrohi says – The truth is that I was not interested in joining this serial. These video vision people took the work from me and Doordarshan officials would know very well why the script was cancelled. This question should be asked to him only. I didn't want to take an interest in it because if I got entangled in it, my film work would be left behind - and people would get a chance to say that I compromised with television after being fed up with flop films like 'Razia Sultan'. I still believe that Razia Sultan is a hit film and I made this film with great passion.

alif laila

Kamal Amrohi narrated to me a scene from 'Seventh Sky'

These days I am preparing to make 'Santvan Aasmaan' and I do not want today's big stars. These people will shoot for two hours - they will come after lunch - I and my staff will have to run so much for their dates that the soul of my film will die. Many have heard my story. Dilip Sahab was ready to work on it. People like Shahid Talif and Vimal Roy took great interest in it, but due to various reasons, this film could not be made. I think I am old enough now and should retire only after making it. Kamal Amrohi says about today's films - Today the stars are acting arbitrarily and the status of a filmmaker is no more than that of a peon! I will not make films but will not become a peon – I am a filmmaker, not a peon. I wanted to know why this situation occurred. Kamal Amrohi says - In today's era of filmmaking, people do not have confidence that they can make a hit film with new artists - Stars also have the feeling that the maker does not sell, I sell - the moment the star knows this. Must be that he is just an actor, he will not do anything arbitrarily. But where are these people who can make a hit film without a star? Today all the films are the same – there is no innovation. Kamal Amrohi narrated to me a scene from 'Seventh Sky'. I cannot describe it for the readers in the way he described it. They hear – There is a luxurious bungalow on the highest peak of Mussoorie. In the middle of the night, we see two moons slowly coming down from the sky - the moon coming down the road on the crisscrossing hills will be a matter of mystery for the audience, in its memory we show that in reality, they were not two moons but the shape of a big vehicle. There were two headlights. When the camera comes in close, the headlights of the car fall on a hundred-year-old orphanage in which an extremely beautiful girl is seen frightened. Two people sitting in the car look at this girl several times - in different poses. One morning the girl sees the train that she has seen several times in the night stopping near the orphanage. Two gentlemen come out of the car. One is Nimro Saheb and the other is a young man from the same area, Nigro Saheb is a forest officer who lives in the forest and no girl is ready to live alone in the forest as a wife. Two wives have already fled from him - and he is looking for a third. The young man tells the Negro gentleman that this girl can become his wife, while the young man says that her parents are not known and she cannot run away. Nigro Sahib says that this girl has grown up in freedom and she does not like slavery. The young man says that Noor Jahaan was also an orphan and by becoming Jahangir's wife, she proved to be the right choice for her husband.


The next day the girl asks someone “Who was Jahangir?

He is told that Jahangir was a king and in his youth, he was called Salim. The girl gets lost in thoughts and considers herself Noor Jahaan and the young man Salim. So this is the opening of 'Seventh Sky', I don't have Kamal Sahab's language, I don't even have his style of narration. The talks were over. I will talk to Kamal Saheb some other time. I don't know how to thank him for the news he has given about himself, especially for Mayapuri. Kamal and Meena met in a 'Daira' and became each other till their last breath. Meena Kumari ji was the heroine and both of them got married during this film. When Kamal Amrohi Saheb met Sohrab Modi, he was surprised as to what a 19-year-old boy would write. Kamal Saheb said (don't look at my age, read my writing) this is how the film 'Pukaar' was made.


This article is taken from old issue 711 of Mayapuri dated 08-05-1988!

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