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Via: Red Chillies Entertainment YouTube channel - Explore the comedic chaos in 'Dunki,' Rajkumar Hirani's illegal immigration comedy-drama featuring Shahrukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Boman Irani, set to release worldwide Dec 21.

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Dunki Promotion Shahrukh Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, Taapsee Pannu

‘Dunki’ is a comedy-drama film based on the "Flights of the Donkey". This film is based on an illegal immigration entry technique. The film is directed and edited by Rajkumar Hirani and produced under the banners of Red Chillies Entertainment and Jio Studios. Shahrukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, and Boman Irani will be seen in it. The film is going to be released worldwide on 21st December.

Its promotion is going on in full swing. Recently, a video named ‘Dunki’ Diaries was released on the YouTube channel of Shahrukh Khan's production house Red Chillies Entertainment. Shahrukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, and the film's director Rajkumar Hirani are seen in the video. Let us tell you, what was talked about in the movie ‘Dunki’.

Dunki Dairies is released
Shahrukh in a chill mode

The video starts with Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh says that people have troubled him by asking what the film is about, what is the story of the film, and who is playing the character of ‘Dunki’ or Donkey in the film, and he decided to answer these questions. For this, the film's director Rajkumar Hirani, and the film's heroine Taapsee Pannu have been called. Taking this point forward, Shahrukh tells Rajkumar Hirani that once you tell this whole story to the people, the whole story will end together, you tell the whole story to everyone. In response to this, Rajkumar Hirani says that if I tell the whole story then who will come to watch the film? On this issue, Shahrukh jokingly says that that is why Rajkumar Hirani is Rajkumar Hirani, we did not even think of this intelligent thing that if we tell the story then who will come to see it, we would have told it and then no one would come to see it. Shahrukh further says that Rajkumar sir does not tell the story of his picture to anyone, he does not even tell it in the trailer, and he shows it directly inside the hall. On this matter, Rajkumar Hirani says Sir, we can tell why we made ‘Dunki’. Because if people do not understand what ‘Dunki’ is, then we should tell them what it is, and why we are making it.

How the film ‘Dunki’ started?

Shahrukh- Sir, when you started this film, and it has been more than three years now, imagery came to you, and from that, you got the idea of this film, so tell us how it started.

Hirani- This image is not computer generated, this is a real house, which is near Jalandhar. Many such houses in that area have cement airplanes built on their roofs. I found this thing very interesting, and then we tried to find out why such houses exist. It is the culture of that place that when children or any family member goes abroad, they put a ship on the roof of their house in Tashan.

Shahrukh- It is a matter of pride that a member of your family has gone abroad. I have shot at places around Punjab, so I have also seen such houses, but I did not know the reason behind it. I used to think that this was a water tank, it has just been given a different design.

Hirani- Yes, that is also a water tank, they also make a water tank in the ship. But some are also separate, some even have bedrooms built inside them.

Shahrukh- Is this the thing that excited you about the idea of this film?

Hirani- At first I laughed a lot because I found it very funny. When I slowly started knowing about it, I came to know what the story was. There, in every village and every house, a person wants to settle abroad. There is a history behind this that is, after World War 2, when they did not have many people left to work in the textile industry, they started calling people from Punjab so that they could go there and work. After some time an act was implemented after which it was stopped. And because of this, families got separated, because some people stayed abroad and some people stayed in India. Those who had stayed here with their families started feeling that they too had to go because life there was better than here. However, after the implementation of the Act, it became difficult to get a visa. And then due to this reason, gradually people started going abroad illegally. The route by which he went was called Donkey Route. It used to take eight to nine months for people to reach abroad illegally, and that is why it was called the Donkey Route. I saw a story in it. After spending so much time, we why would a person want to leave his home and go to another place, and then we started researching on this matter.

‘Dunki’ means staying away from your people

Shahrukh- There is a very beautiful line in our film that ‘Dunki’ means staying away from your people. And I think this is the essence of our film. Many times we go home to stay with the family, and sometimes they try successfully, but sometimes these efforts are not successful.

Visa Wala Gurudwara

You had shown me a picture of a Gurudwara, and you had told me that people come here to pray, so that they can get visa stamps.

Hirani- This is called Visa Wala Gurudwara. Toy ships are available in the shops outside this Gurudwara. People buy it, go inside, and offer it to God. People take their passports with them and show them to God, and this prayer is sought to get our visa granted. I also talked to the people there and they said that now it is not known how true it is, but thousands of people come and board the plane, show their passports, and pray that their visa gets granted, and hence that The name of the Gurudwara itself is Visa Wala Gurudwara.

Shahrukh- You have sent me many photos of the streets there, in which some are the names of shops, and some are posters on the walls.

Hirani- This is a very small village, whose population is not much, probably only in thousands. Just like we have movie posters here, similar posters are here.

Taapsee- It is written in Punjabi on the poster, are you ready to go to Portugal, France, or Spain?

IELTS Preparation

Hirani- There are many English classes there, and all the English classes run are for the preparation of IELTS.

Shahrukh- So did you also go to those classes in the name of research?

Hirani- It was the time of COVID-19, so I wore a mask and went to class. I went there and said that I wanted to learn English, and then he asked whether I wanted to learn English or want to dance. I am not saying that this happens everywhere but yes, it happens in some places. When he took me inside the class, some village children were sitting there, and the teacher who was to teach them was also about twenty-two years old, and very well dressed in a business suit. I thought at least the teacher was good, but when she opened her mouth I could not understand whether she was speaking English or what she was saying.

Taapsee- When I was preparing for this film, I was told to learn wrestling, and I thought that after doing so many sports films, I would finally romance with Shahrukh Khan, but in this too I had to learn wrestling. , and you were the one who had to be thrown. I think I won't get any work after this.

Shahrukh- Same is the condition of all newcomers. (Jokingly)

Shahrukh- Our fight master in this film is Shyam Kaushal ji.

Hirani- I have been an action director in all the films I have done before, and if you have seen my old films then you would know how much action is there in my films.

Why there is always an action director in Rajkumar Hirani's film?

Shahrukh- Sir, I wanted to ask why there is an action director in your film.

Hirani- In the film 3 Idiots, we made people sit on a water tank, there was a risk that they might fall, so we tied them with wires, so the action director was there for their safety. Shyam ji always used to say that you only give me safety and slapping scenes. He said that you should make me sit with you at the time of scripting. I told him that sir there is not much action in my script. He said that when you leave the house and go to the car, then I will put four goons in the script, and some action will happen there. This is my first film where there is some action.

Shahrukh- You also took revenge, sir, you got his son Vicky Kaushal thrown out of the house and beaten by goons.

Taapsee- Got beaten by his goons.

Hirani- I also saw him a little worried that if there is action with his son then how to do it.

Shahrukh- The crux of this film is its friendship. This is the story of the friendship of five people. What ups and downs happen between friends, what kind of love and conflicts happen between them, these five people depict the same thing in this film. Everyone has important roles in Raju sir's film. I believe that a film is good only when there are many characters in the film.

Taapsee- I was made to stand like a living statue, no one knew that the shooting of the film was going on, and hence many people even put some coins in front of me and went away.

If not for Katrina then Vicky would have married Shahrukh

Shahrukh- In this film, Boman sir is playing the role of a teacher. There is a big irony with Boman sir, he is our English teacher in this film, and he has to speak a little bad English for him, the irony is that apart from Abhishek, Boman knows the best English among us. It was very difficult for him to do this character. In the classroom scenes, I have become a lemon brother with Vicky Kaushal, people become blood brothers, and I have become a lemon brother. He even called me a couple of times and said, “I married Katrina early, if I had not married you, I would have married you.”

Hirani- When I used to watch English films, I used to feel that the jails of foreign countries are also a little different from ours, I had a dream to shoot in the jail there which was fulfilled with this film. We shot in a real jail, there were some prisoners there, and if both of them remember, we had to stop the shooting for a while during their lunch break.

Stellar cast of the film

Romance in the graveyard

Shahrukh- Raju sir had said, in this film, you will do something which you have never done before, and so he took me and Taapsee to the graveyard to romance, and I can say with certainty that like me No one can romance in the graveyard. This was a great experience for all of us, we hope people will also like it.

Hirani- I had a lot of fun while making this film. This was the most challenging film for me, firstly its location is a little different, and secondly, its story is a little different. The story is inspired by real life, and it was a bit challenging to bring drama and humor to it, but it was a lot of fun doing it.

Rajkumar Hirani film is a packaged entertainment

Shahrukh- At one place in our film it is said that poor people don't get the right to travel, they need it the most. Because they have to go out and earn, they want a good life. This film is true, honest, and factual. It can be said that this film is based on facts, just a little comedy and drama has been added to it by Raju Sir and Abhijat, and we have helped them a little with that. There is always comedy, drama, and emotion in Raju sir's films. There is something or the other in his films that touches the heart.
My dream of working with Rajkumar Hirani has come true. During Covid, I reached your office asking you to take me in your film. You have made films in and as, be it PK with Aamir Khan or Munna Bhai MBBS with Sanjay Dutt. I also had a dream to become the in and as of your films. Sir, you asked me to do this film, I did it but I was not in it because it seems a bit odd, I also have some respect. Shahrukh Khan in and as a donkey does not look good.

A song in the film only about Shahrukh

Hirani- Sir, in and as did not happen, but we have made a song for you in the film, which is only about you.

On this occasion, Rajkumar Hirani talked about Shahrukh Khan's character, and the song was shown.

Shahrukh- Sir, my life is complete. All the people associated with this film have worked very hard. Thank you, sir, for giving me this opportunity. As an audience, I always wait for your films.
Taapsee- Raju Sir, my family is waiting to see your film more than my film.

Hirani- There are very few actors who want to do films with more than one star, for them only he should be in the film.

Shahrukh- So am I, I am not in this film. I am going to see the film on 21st December, I will have to find out whether I am in the film or not, I am going to see the film on the first day, the first show, and with the first ticket. You also go and see whether I am in the film or not. If I am not there then call me and tell me, I have praised Raju sir too much.


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