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CM Kejriwal made a big statement on “The Kashmir Files”


It has been almost two weeks since the release of the film The Kashmir Files and the film is constantly touching the hearts of the audience, the film is based on a true incident and after watching it everyone is quite emotional, everyone is giving their statement and opinions regarding this film openly and the film has also been made tax free in many states Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana, as well as Karnataka.

Let us tell you that on the demand of making the film ‘ The Kashmir Files ‘ tax free in the Delhi Assembly, CM Kejriwal said “Why are you getting the film tax free ? Hey put it on YouTube, it will be free, if you have this much hobby, then tell Vivek Agnihotri, he will put the film on YouTube, all the movies are free, everyone will see, what is the need to do tax free”.

After his statement there was a different atmosphere seen in the assembly, people are still coming to see the film and it has collected above 200 crores.

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