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Cm Yogi Adityanath promising a dream come true City for Bollywood

Yogi Adityanath showing us a wonderful vision about the proposed film city in Noida Uttarpradesh


It is extremely difficult to be a politician in today’s troubled times and it is almost unbelievable to believe how a chief minister like Yogi Adityanath functions and tries to keep everyone and all sections of society satisfied. He is the ultimate symbol of the materialistic, the practical, the modern and yet a spiritual power. – Ali Peter John

When CM Yogi meets Akshay Kumar

cm-yogi-adityanath-promising-a-dream-come-true-city-for-bollywoodIt is therefore a great achievement on his part as the C M of the largest state in the country to focus on his dream and his passion to have a film city in U P.

But on December 1, Yogi Adityanath proved that he meant serious business when it came to the building of a film city. He was in the midst of campaigning for a local election in Hyderabad, besides having to deal with all the other problems in his state. But, he took time off and took a flight to Mumbai and drove down to the Trident Hotel in South Mumbai to be in time to have a special dinner meeting with the Khiladi Kumar (Akshay Kumar) and the two had a long discussion over the building of the film city in U P and other problems the film industry has been plagued with during the last few months.

Is Akshay Kumar going to Lead from now?

cm-yogi-adityanath-promising-a-dream-come-true-city-for-bollywoodAkshay had given the chief minister an idea of what it would mean to have a new film city and had prepared the way for the hectic discussions the C M would have with a large number of film celebrities he would be meeting on the following day (December 2). Akshay’s one to one meeting with the powerful Yogi made many in the industry wonder and even worry about the proximity of the actor to the seats of power. One senior filmmaker even asked, ‘ why don’t we unanimously accept Akki Bhai as our only leader and the man who can solve all our problems chutki bajaake’?

As was planned, the C M had a three hour long meeting with celebrities like Ramesh Sippy, Manmohan Shetty, Madhur Bhandarkar, Rajkumar Santoshi, Subhash Ghai, Boney Kapoor, Bhushan Kumar and representatives of different crafts concerned with the making of films.

The two sides had a free and frank discussions and the delegation of the CM appraised the industry leaders of all the facilities and support the U P government was planning to offer.

Something about the proportionate Film City of Uttarpradesh

cm-yogi-adityanath-promising-a-dream-come-true-city-for-bollywoodThe proposed film city would have all the most modern facilities to ease the efforts at film making. There would be different committees formed to take decisions on every issue, from content to the completion of films. The C M spelt out the various kinds of rebates and concessions that would be offered at different steps. In short, the C M and his team literally sold a dream the film industry was in dire need of at a time when it was Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum, Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na and Aar ya Paar.

Land and location decided for film ‘dream come true’  city

cm-yogi-adityanath-promising-a-dream-come-true-city-for-bollywoodThe dream film city is expected to be built on a one thousand acre plot of land in the Gautam Buddha Nagar on the outskirts of U P and Delhi and bordering Noida. It may take two years to come up. The film city is also designed in a way to house all the offices of associations and organisations, besides having residential complexes. It is seen as an opportunity to encourage both local and outsider talent.

And then the Opposition started a war of words

Yogi Adityanath had made an impression on the leaders of the industry. But, as soon as his meetings with the representatives of the industry came to an end, a political storm arose with the chief minister of Maharatshtra, Mr Uddhav Thackeray and his spokesperson Mr Sanjay Raut started a war of words condemning Yogi for trying to take away the Film City of Maharatshtra to Uttar Pradesh. The war is hotting up with the film industry caught in yet another fix. It has become a case of Idhar Jaaoo Ya Udhar Jaaoo for Bollywood and how they come out of the unexpected woods is what will have to be seen in the time to come.