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Comedian VIP Enters Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi Amidst Veshbhusha Competition 


Sony SAB’s comedy show Bhakharwadi continues to impress the viewers and create its own fan base with its hilarious storyline and extremely talented cast. Gokhale and Thakkar family are all set to give the viewers a double dose of laughter as they prepare for an interesting ‘Veshbhusha Competition’.

With the aim of making everyone laugh, they plan to be disguised such that no one is able to recognize each other. Anna (DevenBhojani) and Mahendra (Paresh Ganatra) go head to head in the event and challenge each other to try and recognize one another, leading them to doubting every person they meet. Amole (KhanjanThumbhar), on the other hand, is working hard in order to win the challenge and the prize of ‘Mumbai Darshan’ associated with it, for his children. Mahendra takes this moment to help Amole and invites the great comedian VIP to teach him the art of mimicry. Teaching anything to Amole is difficult due to his childlike nature and low attention span. Will VIP have the patience to train him to win or will he give up on Amole? With both families going head-to-head in this competition, the tensions are bound to rise, will they be a sport about winning or losing will egos clash?

What damage is this competition about to cause, is for the viewers to find out.

KhanjanThumbhar, playing the role of Amole Gokhale said, “The role of Amole is very challenging and equally interesting. I feel privileged to be working with such an amazing production and a lovely team of actors. The upcoming track is going to bring loads of laughter for our viewers and we are all even more excited to have VIP shoot with us. I am sure the audience is going to enjoy the coming episodes as much as we enjoyed shooting for them.”

Making a guest appearance, V.I.P. said, “Bhakharwadi is doing a great work entertaining the audience and is an extremely lovable show with such stellar cast and an ace production house likeHatsoff. I am doing a special cameo in the show as myself to teach Amole the art of mimicry and prepare him for a competition. Working on the set, for a brief time, was one of the most amazing experiences I have had as everyone works like one big team and it is so much fun. The viewers have been loving the show so much and I hope they continue to do so.”

Keep watching Bhakharwadi, Monday to Friday at 8 PM only on Sony SAB

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