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Jyothi Venkatesh

The competition in showbiz is unending. Every day a new actor enters the industry and the competition increases. Expressing her views on the competition in the industry, producer Mou Das said “Competition is stifling in Bollywood.” “‘The more, the merrier’ is the slogan of this industry. Be it the channels, the OTT platforms, the newcomers or the family of celebrities, competition is something that everyone has to face. Might be, it is easier for the star kids to bag their first break, but then they have to prove themselves,” she adds.She feels that one needs to take competition on their stride and adds, “Competition brings out the best in you and pushes you out of your comfort zone.” It is often said that acting is an insecure profession, Mou feels that’s because it’s a competitive field and there are plenty of talented and deserving people in the industry. 

She says, “Acting is an insecure profession. It is competitive, and there are plenty of talented, hardworking and deserving people out there. They have to prove their mettle each time. The success in the film industry depends so much on the approval of others that it is bound to be an insecure place. Actors are insecure usually because it is an emotional and creative field and there is distinction between who they are as a product or a brand and who they are as a person. It is very difficult to not be insecure when career depends on how people perceive them.””Every actor needs to deal with insecurity. It’s a part of the industry.

In the acting profession, all the work they do is open to instantaneous public opinion, and professionals in this business are constantly under the media spotlight. Actors are the face, and their performance is the final outcome of the passion and hard work that many individuals put in while making a film, so they carry the expectations of many. Results are not in their hands, but they need to remain focused. This helps in alleviating any insecurity because hard work, skill and talent rarely go unnoticed and unappreciated,” Mou signs off.

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