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Contestant Sonal Vichare And Choreographer Tushar Shetty Play Bharti And Haarsh In Their Performance On India’s Best Dancer


Jyothi Venkatesh

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show India’s Best Dancer brings another entertaining episode with spectacular performances by the contestants. This weekend, the show celebrates Comedy Special and extends a warm welcome to the two veterans Shakti Kapoor and Chunky Pandey who are known for their impeccable comic timing. The two, who have played many memorable characters on screen, were entertained by the contestants’ amusing performances. All the acts took the fun and comic quotient a notch higher, however Contestant Sonal Vichare and Choreographer Tushar stole the show with their performance, as they played hosts – Bharti and Haarsh on stage and danced on the song Paape Pyaar Karke Pachtaya.

After the performance, Geeta asked Bharti to comment as the act was based on them. Bharti said, “We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we laughed a lot looking at Tushar as Haarsh and Sonal with all the padding under her costume, ‘meri padding sponge ki nahi Paratho ki hoti hai’(laughs). I loved the performance, the small elements that they showcased through the dance was commendable.” Haarsh said, “In my entire life, I have written gags for other people, and seen talents that have performed for others, but today when I saw Sonal and Tushar perform for us, it was the greatest form of respect, having such talented people perform for you”.

Looking at Bharti and Haarsh get overwhelmed, Terence said, “Agar talents, ye show banate hai toh aap dono iss show ko jamate ho, comedy ka dusra naam Bharti hai. I speak on behalf of all the judges, the way you make us laugh, aap dono ki jodi kamaal ki hai, God bless you both.” Listening to this, Haarsh said, “I feel so good whenever someone praises Bharti for her work, she has got so many fans and the fact that she is my life partner makes me feel as though I have won a huge lottery. In life, people wish and want so many things, but for me meeting Bharti was the greatest highlight of my life. We did not fall in love at first sight, we were friends for many years and then decided to get married. Bharti has shown such love, affection, and commitment towards me. I am very laidback and lazy, handling a monster like me is not easy, but she has balanced her personal and professional life so beautifully. She has always been my first and only girlfriend and now my wife. Aajkal Ghar Nahi Sambhalte, Aaj Kal Career Bante Hai, because there is competition everywhere, but I consider myself lucky to have met Bharti.”

Geeta further said, “Haarsh, for you, it has been many years that you are writing scripts for so many people and Bharti has made so many people laugh. Having you both here on stage, create unscripted moments in a reality show, you guys do it so beautifully, it’s a joy to see you every time. I have said this to Bharti time and again, but I would like to say it again that whenever I see you, I feel so inspired. When I look at Haarsh, I still have the hope of finding The One for me”.

Nora Fatehi said, “It is so important to see what real love looks like and looking at you both, it gives the younger generation and us as well a ray of hope that never loses faith in genuine love. You both are lucky and blessed, Mashallah.” Amidst all the exchange of thoughts and emotions, Bharti asked Shakti Kapoor about his take on love, Shakti Kapoor said, “When I got married to Shivangi Kolhapure, people looked at me as a Villain because of the kind of roles I had done. People were worried that my marriage won’t last more than six months, and now we have completed 37 years of our marriage, and the love only gets deeper by the day. I really got emotional watching Bharti and Haarsh’s dance because I can see true love. I pray to God that you’ll stay blessed.”

Haarsh who believes he is not a good dancer gave Bharti a surprise and danced with her on the track, Kehte Hai Khudane. After the dance, Bharti could not hold back her tears and said, “Haarsh has done quite a lot of reality shows but this is the first time that he has said, ‘I Love You’ to me on Television. I cannot imagine my life without him. He accepted me for the kind of person I was, and after knowing each other for a few years, Haarsh directly proposed to me for marriage. The feeling was out of the world. I had to fight with my mother and I clearly told her, I will either get married to Haarsh only or spend my life taking care of you, she had to agree with me. Haarsh and I are more like friends who count on each other.” Watch Comedy Special on India’s Best Dancer this Saturday, 8PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!