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Jyothi Venkatesh

Khushboo Kamal feels that the audience’s choices must have changed during the lockdown and suggests that the industry now comes up with more “realistic and grounded content”.“Due to the lockdown we were inside our houses since the past three months, and we all faced a lot of things because of which our way of thinking and attitude changed. So now we need to come up with realistic and grounded content which is related to people’s daily life,” she said.

“Corona has affected everyone in the same way. We need to make something so that everyone connects with it, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. As an actor, even I am looking forward to be a part of something great,” she added.The unlockdown has already started and the government has made wearing masks and maintaining social-distancing compulsory. But social-distancing has gone for a toss at many places. Talking about the same, the “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai” actress said, “It is more of physical distancing. It’s good that most of the people are following it, but those who are not maintaining it is harming others as well.”

Khushboo feels people have become more cautious about their health, cleanliness and surroundings because now we will have to learn to live with the coronavirus.She added, “Earlier we never thought before shaking hands or giving hugs, but now we are very much ok with a Namaste which is absolutely fine because we have to follow social distancing.”Asked whether she feels that the Covid-19 scare has reduced, she said, “I won’t say that the Covid scare has reduced, but we have become more used to it now. In March, we followed all the rules, maintained social-distancing, wore masks but now we have to live with it and it has become part of our life. If people don’t go out for work then how will they survive? It’s a little scary to go out, but we need to be positive.”Khushboo is doing yoga and meditation to keep her mind at peace and also to bring more positivity in her life.

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