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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

“Creating my own music without any fuzz or restrictions was liberating,” says Lalit Pandit 


Lalit Pandit describes his first independent song as a melody with simplicity and a song you would want to hear again and again – Jyothi Venkatesh

However he says “Jaane Kidhar Le Jaayein” is high on its lyrical value, composition and most importantly it has a heart.

“There’s always this point in life when you think ‘What’s new’, what is it that will push my own creative limits and give me happiness at the same time.

All these years, I have been doing film music predominantly, be it Hindi or other languages.

I have worked for film music which was always working under a film director’s vision. I am enjoying now making music and singing the sings that I think are nice and different than a film song .

“Jaane Kidhar Le Jaayein” is a start of a new journey for me as well in life, and in my music!

A rare piece of art which is guitar dominated with minimalistic orchestration giving a countryside feel “The beauty of the song is its simplicity.

I have sung the song. Though every song of my career has been very close to my heart, this is an extra special”.

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