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Daboo Malik ‘unlocks’ his creativity during ‘lockdown’ with tri-lingual tracks!

Singer-composer daboo malik creates few new tri-lingual tracks in lockdown


While numerous music and film fraternity members were cursing the corona-crisis-pandemic for the huge losses caused by abrupt cancellation of recordings and shootings, there were also many others like talented celeb composer-singer Daboo Malik who channelized the ‘lockdown to-unlock-their-creativity’ .

The Dynamic Daboo Malik

Daboo Malik ‘unlocks’ his creativity during ‘lockdown'Dynamic Daboo Malik not only launched his new venture music-label ‘MWM’ in July 2020, but also recorded a haunting melodious track ‘Kuchh Khwaab’ as an independent composer with the acclaimed super-singer Sunidhi Chauhan.

The common theme was then composed separately by Daboo, as a Marathi mellifluous duet track ‘Kaahi Swapna’ and sung by the musically multi-talented couple Harshavardhan Wavre and Kasturi Wavre. Interestingly, Daboo also made his debut as a Bengali song composer with this lilting single ‘Na Bola Kotha’ sung by Srijiit.

The down-to earth, suave Daboo who has also ‘acted’ in striking cameo-roles in milestone movies like ‘Baazigar’ (1993), is emotionally charged, when he speaks about both his super-talented celeb-sons Amaal Malik ( amazing composer) and Armaan Malik ( multi-lingual awesome singer) who have a phenomenal global fan-following.

Not surprisingly, Daboo has ambitious plans to collaborate with both his high-profiled sons, during early next year (2021) to create mind-blowing vocals and also to record his own solo track– a lyrical life-sketch which goes ‘Doondne Main Jo Chala’.

The bond of Daboo Malik and Sunidhi Chauhan 

daboo-malik-unlocks-his-creativity-duringComing back to this Daboo-Sunidhi music-video ‘Kuchh Khwaab’, which has its intriguing ‘back-story’, it has registered over 2.5 million views and is still trending. Reveals Daboo, “ Due to the prevailing panic-phobia situation of the corona it became a challenge for me to then complete the integrated-circuit thru hi-tech digital support complying with the pandemic restrictions. Dedicated singer Sunidhi who has her own little kid-son Tegh, at home, was also initially unwilling to record and shoot the song composed by me, on the scheduled date –but she was fully justified. Rather than cancel the shoot, I decided to go ahead independently and shoot some vibrant visuals and backdrops .

Later, when I shared the prep-video-footage shot by me with Sunidhi, she was so fascinated and inspired, that she felt she should record the song and even shoot at her own classy high-rise apartment. Which in turn added a realistic touch of ‘apnapan’ to the visuals. Ultimately, the soulful track ‘Kuchh Khwaab’ has come out so beautifully, that not only Sunidhi, but everyone who has seen and heard it, fell in love with it, ” insists Daboo who also plans to make some of his top favorite singers sing his compositions under his ‘MWM’ label.

Chaitanya Padukone

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