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The much awaited film which marks the comeback of the solo performer, Arjun Rampal is packed with gory action, hard-to-miss style and all the blood, guts and glory you can imagine. It will definitely give you the feels. The man who had been missing in action for quite some time has made quite the comeback.

Daddy is a biopic on the life of Arun Gawli, a famous name in Mumbai’s Underworld, who had his reign of terror in the 1970's Bombay. It traces his journey into the world of crime after being rendered unemployed post the closure of mills in the 70’s. Daddy also throws light on his humane side, showcasing his vulnerability and his god fearing nature. As the film nears its climax, we are given the option of deciding if Gawli is a gangster or a messiah, and the choice isn't an easy one to make.

Daddy starts off with a bang and within the first five minutes, you get to know that you are in for a bloody, action-packed ride. Then the story of how Arun Gawli became DADDY begins. The film could have been much better if they would have worked on the basic script and screenplay. The screenplay of this biopic offers no surprises. At times, it even feels like you're being lead from one point to the other blindfolded. Director Ashim Ahluwalia deliberately adopts a flat narrative and takes the viewer through the dark, gritty world with minimum dramatisation. The film in parts wants you to stay with Daddy and follow his journey, but the random shooting sequences, episodic views of Gawli's gang in action and then sudden shifts to his personal life are very frustrating.  For a biopic like this, where one doesn't know much about the early life of the gangster, there should have been a linear format in building up the drama leading up to the present day.

Coming to the performances, everyone is spot on. What was a surprise, was the role of Farhan Akhtar, who just somehow (or maybe not) managed to portray Dawood Abrahim. But the show, in the end, belongs to the one and only—Arjun Rampal, who might just have given one of the best performances of his career. Daddy must have been a challenge for Arjun Rampal with this being his solo act after so long, but he seems to have tackled it with utmost ease. His scenes in the second half, where he plays an older Gawli, are remarkable and make you admire his work.

The music and the background score is another area where the film lags behind. Composed by Sajid-Wajid, it definitely did not live up to their standards with the three songs it has

All in all, a decent film that did not explore its full potential, Daddy is one that could have been extraordinary only if the makers focused on the basics. The story, however, might not resonate with the masses due to the low emotional quotient and for those who don't like violence. If you can't watch blood shed on screen, please don't go the theatre for this one as there is a fight scene every 5-10 minutes. But if you like crime dramas, watch it for the good performances, especially Arjun Rampal's… For me, it's a 3/5, just for the attempt at a biopic, superb performances and of-course, Rampal. But don't go into the theatre expecting to see something new or fresh about the Mumbai underworld. You will come back disappointed.

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