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Dance Is Like Yoga For Shweta Rohira 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Dance has always been important to Shweta Rohira, who makes sure to keep learning more and more dance forms. “Yes, I have taken salsa classes and performed with Rahul Saxsena. Now I have been learning kathak and apart from Kathak, my sister and I have started dancing on Bollywood songs to enjoy and spend time together,” she says.The actor loves all dance forms and is open to performing any on screen too. “I am quite flexible with dance forms because dance is like Yoga to me. It’s the flexibility of mind and body that makes you enjoy the dance. Dance is the best form of meditation and a stress buster,” she says. Ask her what she loves to dance on, and she says, “I love the 90s songs. They are too much fun to dance on.”

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