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Dangal TV’s new serial “Mann Sundar” with an entirely different identity of its own to air from October 18


Dangal TV has made a different identity of its own in the world of television, especially as its TV serials are quite different from the typical serials, and hence their shows are ahead in terms of TRP – Jyothi Venkatesh

Dangal TV has launched its new serial “Mann Sundar” which is going to be aired from 18th October.

The concept and cast of the show were introduced during a press conference in Mumbai.

The promo of the show has been immensely liked in social media and people are curious about this new serial.

Shivam Khajuria, who is playing the role of Nihar Goyal, asserts that he is playing the lead role for the first time in Mann Sundar.

“Earlier, I did a show for Colors. Nihar is a very happy boy, who does not take tension in life. He is charming, makes anyone his fan with his words.

He doesn’t hurt anyone but is a careless person like 20-25 year old boys. This is a very different TV show , and doesn’t have the typical saas bahu base.

Generally people judge someone by his/her beautiful face or his/her body whereas this show talks about seeing the beauty of the mind.

I only understand that how good a person’s heart is, how clean his mind is, it is necessary and important to attract someone.

This Dangal TV show Mann Sundar gives this message. This is the 21st century, now we should get out of the old mindset of society and also need to change its thinking. I have a great bonding with Shruti.

She is a very cute and a great actress. I have a very good chemistry with my brother-in-law, Manisha Saxena, who is playing my sister-in-law”.

Shruti Anand, who plays the female lead character Ruchita in Mann Sundar, says that her acting career started with a cameo role in director Sabir Khan’s film Nikamma.

Later she did the parallel lead role of Gauri in Teri Ladli. The show went off early due to the lockdown.

I am very happy that I am doing my first show as a lead actress, Mann Sundar, it is a dream come true feeling.

The message that the show drives home is that you should not think bad about anyone, don’t do bad, do good for all.

First be a good person, only then everything will come to you . This is the story of a girl named Ruchita who is dark and wears glasses.

The people of the society talk about her in various ways that she is black, she cannot see without glasses, and who will marry her.

Despite listening to everything, she remains positive, and comes out stronger. Nothing is more important to her than her family, and that’s why I can connect to my character Ruchita a lot. Working experience with Shivam has been indeed amazing”.

Suraj Punjabi, who plays Nihar’s elder brother Prateek, says that Mann Sundar is a very real show and not a typical Saas Bahu type of serial.

This message has been given in Mann Sundar that you should not judge a person by his looks, his body, but look at his heart.

The stereotype of society has to be broken now that if a girl is a girl, she should look beautiful, while a boy should look smart, tall.

Manisha Saxena, who is playing the role of Ritu, says that she is doing Radha Krishna for Star Bharat.

In Mann Sundar. “I am playing the role of Nihar’s sister-in-law. Ritu was a model before marriage.

It will be very interesting to see how she is able to adjust with the family in the show.

As the name of the show, it gives the same message that one should see the beauty of the Mann first, and the attractiveness of fair complexion or body does not last long.

I am very happy and excited to do this show as the atmosphere of the sets is like home.

The actors are very supportive and the directors are very cool. In the film Wajah Tum Ho, Manisha had a cameo role and played the role of Rajneesh Duggal’s secretary.

Talking about all the actors of the show, Shruti Anand plays the role of Ruchita and Shivam Khajuria plays the role of Nihar.

Amitabh Ghanekar is playing the role of Ruchita’s father, Geeta Bisht is Ruchita’s mother and Kajal Khanchandani is grandmother.

Krishna Ganesh plays the role of Ruchita’s brother, Palak Jain plays the role of Ruchita’s friend.

Sanjay plays the role of Nihar’s father, Aparna Ghoshal is Nihar’s mother, Mamta Luthra is playing the grandmother and Suraj Punjabi is Nihar’s brother.

The show Mann Sundar will air from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm on Dangal TV from October 18.

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