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Daraar Starring Girija Oak & Alpesh Dixit Is A Very Touching Light Short Film With A Cause


Directed by Ashim Sen, the beautiful short film ‘Daraar‘ produced by Masen Productions interprets interpersonal issues between married couples that surged during the national lockdown due to the pandemic- Jyothi Venkatesh

The 11 minute short film features the talented duo of actress Girija Oak and director Alpesh Dixit.

The narrative reflects the unfortunate reality of many Indian households touching upon how feelings, responsibilities and equations if taken for granted can eventually crumble relationships to a point of no redemption at all..

Says director Ashim Sen, “The lockdown left people with no choices but staying at home and thus spending increased amounts of time with their spouses.

This in turn led to causing increasing differences and marital instability between them. I heard of several pandemic induced break-ups and separations within the first phase of lockdown and was driven to bring reality to screen.

My film ‘Daraar’ leaves the audience with an open-ended conclusion and thus all viewers can watch it and form their own individualistic perspectives about this slice of life.

I’m humbled to have had the opportunity to work with exceptional actors like Girija and Alpesh.

We only did two readings with them prior to filming and as the camera rolled their talent radiated in every shot. One can’t tell they are working together for the first time looking at their chemistry.”

Today, there is a lot of collated data and global statistics available online on this particular subject of lockdown divorces.

But it makes a difference when you see a film that gives an insight of real issues between partners; thus giving you another chance to review common thought processes.

To watch the short film, please click on this link: readers are allowed to  watch the cute short film on the perild of a lockdown on a couple in this link .