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Death couldn’t do a thing to Dev, death was innocent


Death couldn’t do a thing to Dev, death was innocent, it did not know that it was taking away a man who was born and destined to live forever –Ali peter john

Who could have imagined that the man who was the most glorious celebration of life would find a place in that casket (coffin) and carried away to an unknown place which he believed would be a far much beautiful place than the place called earth where he had made life book beautiful?

Birthday Celebration at sun and sand hot hotel  fearless dev anand

Dev who was always full of life showed the first signs of crumbling and losing his formidable will to live he had celebrated his birthday at the sun and sand hotel and lived for few hours in the same suite (339) where he had lived alone for 20 years. He had specially sent for me and he was not the Dev anand I knew and the world knew. He kept embracing me and calling me “my son my son” he told me that he was going to London but dint tell me why. It was the first time I saw tears rolling down his eyes and I couldn’t understand why he kept saying, “I will miss you, I will miss you” and when we embraced for the last time, I could feel every bone in his body.

fearless dev anand

He was never the same Dev ever since he had to vacate his dream pent house in “anand”. The queint bungalow on pali hill which he had told me once belonged to his friend mr larsen (of larsen and toubro). The builders who had taken over anand had literally pushed him into a one bedroom hall flat in a building called Riddhi “where I saw him dying every afternoon as he sat among the ruins of his old scripts, posters of “guide” fallen in a corner behind his chair.

The unconditional bond between father and son

dev-anand-was-a-fearless-person-he-never-even-afraid-of-deathHe left for the London with Suneil, his only son there was no news about him for days, till the “Dev” on earth was dead in the suite of his favorite hotel. He had died but he was to live forever, he was Ananth and Amar

fearless dev anand

still can’t get over the story about why his mortal remains were not brought to mumbai for more than sixteen days and was finally cremated in London with just hundred mourners. The two men carrying the casket of Dev eternal anand are his son suniel and for god’s sake, me, subrata roy who has a history of scams behind him and as spent years in the tihar jail.

fearless dev anandAnd as I put an end to this tribute to a man who didn’t die and who can never see death to like the the millions of his fans say with him, “na sukh hai na dukh na din hai na duniya na insaan na bhagwan, sirf main sirf main sirf main”

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