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Fans were always skeptical and unsure when Netflix announced a live-action adaptation of the manga turned anime Death Note. Unfortunately, the latest trailer has done nothing to appease those fears.  Netflix recently released the trailer of the live-action film and fans weren't really impressed to say the least.

The original anime/manga is a psychological thriller which follows the story of Light Yagami, a high schooler, who declares a secret contention against the criminals of the world under the named of Kira, after getting his hands on Godly Death Note. Any human who possesses the titular journal Death Note gets an ability to kill anyone whose name and face they can recall. The person will die of a heart attack in 40 seconds after writing the name in Death Note. On the other hand, if there are details about the cause of death, they die in one minute and 40 seconds. In the anime version of Death Note, the Light confronts a highly skilled detective L, whose real identity is unknown. The show is all about the game of wits between these two.

The Netflix version on the other hand seems to have undergone some major changes some of which we observed:

  1. The anime version is a psychological thriller, while the adaptation seems more of an action movie; there's a lot of destruction with a gothic plot.
  2. Light Yagami goes by the name Light Turner (played by The Fault in Our Stars fame Nate Wolf), who is basically a bullied teen who seeks revenge from the people who made his life miserable after he gets his hand on the Death Note.
  3. The basic premise has been changed from Japan to Seattle the film features a lot of western cast.
  4. Only the possessor of Death Note will able to see Ryuk, the God of Death. Ryuk will continue to instruct the user about the Death Note, the only thing that resembles the original story.

Watch the trailer here and let us know what you feel about Death Note in the comments section below.

Death Note is a Netflix exclusive which comes out on August 25.

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